Why You Still Need Antivirus On Your Android?

Why You Still Need Antivirus On Your Android?

The Android operating system has taken over the world with its many avatars and iterations. It can run on any mobile device from an entry-level smartphone to the most cutting-edge devices available in the market. The sheer versatility and ubiquity of the Android platform cuts across geographies and phone manufacturers like no other mobile operating system on earth. As per IT market research firm Gartner the number of Android smartphones today comprises more than 80% of the smartphones available worldwide.

All this makes the Android operating system a happy hunting ground for unscrupulous elements that are lurking in the shadows in the hope of exploiting it. Today people use the Android phone for everything in the digital realm. It could be anything like internet banking, stock investing, sharing confidential data, and the list goes on.

This squarely brings us to the issue of security and whether you need an antivirus to keep your Android phone safe. Google Play is the de facto place to download Android apps. So Google has ensured that all apps listed on this premium store are virtually virus free. Bouncer is the name of the security feature that Google Play employs to keep software virus at bay.

But there are some very pressing reasons why you need to have an antivirus on your Android phone:

There are umpteen places where you can download an app and most of them are thriving with malware and all sorts of viruses. Having a good antivirus software is your only bet against such threats. You could transfer a file from you desktop PC or from another phone via Bluetooth. This is a potential way for malware to enter your phone.

When it comes to your phone it is one place wherein you store all your valuable and personal data. It could be your email accounts, your banking transactions, your personal messages and other data which cannot fall in the wrong hands. So when your phone is misplaced or stolen you need to be able to remotely wipe the data from it. Thus your antivirus security software should also include this feature.

With each passing day malware is getting more sophisticated. Even the so-called Google Play fortress might not be as impenetrable as you think. The real issue is the programming language used to build Android, which is Java. Anybody with a basic computer can write a malicious code that can wreak havoc on your Android device.

Today there are apps that can effortlessly morph themselves into something innocuous and tempt you to download. There are also malware apps that look exactly like some highly reputable apps. These could be perfectly malware free when they are being downloaded. But they start going rogue once they update themselves through the normal update feature.

There are instances wherein some very widely used and trustworthy apps have been found to be malware prone. Hence it is always better to be on the safer side than be sorry later. Having an antivirus on your Android phone is thus in your own interest and highly recommended too.