Why The Internet is the Ultimate Smartphone Accessory?

Why The Internet is the Ultimate Smartphone Accessory

Today’s smartphones come with an internet connection as a standard feature. Since without the internet your smartphones is as good as an entry-level feature phone that cannot do anything more than just making calls and sending text messages. It is the internet that puts the ‘smart’ in the smartphone.

For a moment think of all the features and tools that you use on your smartphone over the course of a regular day. Now make a list of all those tools, features and applications that need an internet connection. Chances are nine out of ten of these applications would be rendered useless without an internet connection to drive them.

Today it is rightly the age of app ascendancy and no apps would be able to function optimally without a high-speed internet connection to power it. When you are driving around town you use the GPS feature of the smartphone to give you a turn by turn direction to reach your destination. Without the internet, the GPS would not be able to give you the right directions.

The future of the mobile internet can only get better

That day is not far when your smartphone will be your most important computing device providing you with an ideal platform for work, play, and entertainment. The role of the internet in a device of such significance will only be equally prominent.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is seeing a lot of action and the smartphone will be ideally placed to harness the power of IoT in the palm of your hands. This is where the importance of high-speed internet comes into the picture. Along with the falling smartphone prices, the speed of internet network is increasing rapidly. Today we are enjoying 4G LTE internet speeds in most parts of the world and the way we work, connect and stay updated with the world has radically changed.

The amount of processing power that lies within our smartphones today is truly overwhelming. Apps of multiple hues consume a lot of the processing power in order to carry out the routine tasks that we delegate to them.

With dual and quad-core processors seeing the light of the day it is possible to run multiple apps in a parallel manner without overwhelming the smartphone architecture. But for this to happen seamlessly there is a need for super fast internet to provide the buttress. So this is where the mobile internet will be of huge significance in a world full of smartphone possibilities.