Why Smartphone is the Future of Virtual Reality

Virtual RealityConsumer oriented Virtual Reality (VR) might still be in its nascent stage, but it has already taken the realm of Smartphones by storm. There are already a huge number of virtual reality compatible apps and games to explore, while online shopping portals are flooded with VR kits that can be used with most of the new phone models.

Of late, we have been hearing a lot about VR, but very few have the comprehensive information about it. So what exactly is VR? The technology is a combination of computer software and optical techniques that creates an artificial environment for the user. Instead of just watching a screen from the front, the users can get fully immersed into what they are viewing. The experience mimics the various senses like vision, hearing and touch to emulate the natural surroundings. So, when you are watching a movie on your Smartphone, it gets transformed into portal to an artificial world, and you can find in the midst of it.

With highly improved graphics and head-tracking abilities, the technology today has achieved commendable results. However, when you look at any VR gear that goes with your Smartphone, there’s hardly anything that is too complex or technical about it, and can be used with minimal fuss. To get started, all you need to do is to download and install few apps on your Smartphone, and then you’re all set to go.

There has been a speculation that dedicated VR headsets are set to be the next big thing after Smartphones. However, the universal appeal of the latter is too hard to imitate. This is simply because Smartphones have numerous uses apart from being highly accessible, affordable, and being user-friendly. This is the reason that it has been realized by all the stakeholders that dedicated VR headsets might not be needed after all, and their future lies in being integrated with the Smartphone.

It can be safe to mention that Smartphones are now heading towards fully incorporating VR as a core feature. After proving its multi-functional capabilities that include full-fledged-communication tool, a gaming platform, a high-end camera, a social sharing platform, and even a GPS proxy, what could the industry do with a device that can already do everything? Thus, adapting our much loved phone as a VR platform is not just a sensible move, but is the call of the hour.

The ideology has already been accepted by the industry. The introduction of Virtual Reality Software Development Kit by a leading mobile-processor company, along with the Cardboard initiative (a type of VR tool) by a major OS provider is a clear indication of the incoming trend. It must be noted that, be it a new technology or a platform, it usually survives not because of consumer adoption, but due to industry backing. Considering this aspect, the support for Virtual Reality Smartphones appears promising. In fact, some of the leading Smartphone manufacturers and a leading mobile OS provider have already shown that the ideology will not just work but is here to stay. It should not come as a surprise if other major players introduce their own VR headsets soon. This simply shows that Smartphone is the future of VR.

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