Why are Android Instant Apps important? Everything you should know

While launching an application, you have an idea of what is it about. There are certain goals that the application might have like driving traffic and revenue, higher ratings or a larger audience.

But if your goal is to achieve a lot more than just revenue and large audience. Learn a new way to reach out to new users, even the ones that have not installed your application on their devices. The Instant Application feature makes your application accessible from anywhere through emails, google search, YouTube comments or even social media posts.

What are instant apps?

Google Instant applications are a great step in the evolution of applications as these apps provide other applications speed and power. Even though they look similar to the applications that are already installed on your phone, they are different. Using these Instant mobile applications is just like browsing a web page that disappears as soon as the window is closed.

Why would you need an Instant app?

Android Instant Apps can be assumed as the lite versions of the original apps that can be used without even downloading them on your phone.

These apps solely focus on enhancing the consumer experience and retaining users.

Most of the times these Instant apps are used only once by the users and are then deleted to save space on their phones. Some of the major reasons why you might need an instant app are:

  • Users can directly get what they are looking for.
  • These applications tend to remove the barriers between the user and the native application
  • These apps can be launched directly without worrying about them consuming space on your phone
  • Small business can use these instant apps to drive more productivity.
  • These apps also provide additional features in the original versions of the app.
  • If used for ecommerce apps they focus on enhancing user experience.
  • Instant apps focus on maintaining customers and help them build trust in the brand.
  • The ease of use of these instant apps attracts a lot of users to it.

Developing of the Instant apps is a revolutionary step that save space, enhance the user experience and break the barriers between user and the native applications.

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