Why Android is the Most Widely Used Mobile OS Today?

Why Android is the Most Widely Used Mobile OS Today

The global smartphone market has been dominated by one major operating system with 82.8% of the market share. The market leader in smartphone OS the world over is clearly Android from the Google stable. So how did one mobile operating system go from strength to strength over the years to have a vice-like grip on the smartphone devices that we are so accustomed to today?

Smartphones have become ubiquitous to our existence and the driving force behind these smartphones is possibly the Android operating system. There are some salient features of Android that make it so reliable, versatile and scalable. The first reason why Android is so widely used is that it is compatible with all the major browsers within your mobile ecosystem which endears it to the mobile users.

Android is an open source platform and which is one of its biggest strengths as compared to any other operating system of the past or the present. It gives immense opportunities for mobile application developers to come up with innovative and path-breaking ideas for developing outstanding smartphone apps.

Developing apps for the Android platform is simple thanks to the SDK (Software Development Kit) available which is free for download. Developers can be up and running within no time. The SDK provides the basic platform for the developer community and offers them the right tools for creating the apps and the APIs. Since Android is based on the Linux kernel it helps to get access to the right functionalities and environment for coming with the best mobile apps.

Some of the reasons why Android triumphs over other mobile operating systems:

  • It is easy to create a variety of software that can be loaded on the Android OS thanks to its open source nature
  • The developer tools are user-friendly and this has resulted in an overabundance of apps on this platform
  • The users can benefit from the high levels of customization providing a whole range of possibilities
  • Users can download a lot of free software in order to get the maximum benefit out of their smartphones

The brand that owns Android is Google and this is the reason the OS platform gets a new upgrade every now and then. Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, and Marshmallow might seem like the names of desserts but they are the names of periodically upgraded versions of Android OS giving users plenty of reasons to rejoice.

In the latest version of Android which is Marshmallow, a serious attempt has been made to help users save the smartphone battery life. As we all know that the short battery life has been the bane of smartphone technology for a long time now. The innovative features like Doze and App Standby that have been included in Android’s latest version go a long way in proving the fact that this operating system is a forward-looking platform and that is what endears it to one and all.