When Love Calls… Happy Valentine’s Day

When Love Calls… Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is known as the most romantic day of the year. It is the time when couples all around the globe celebrate this wonderful occasion. A lot of countries have their own tradition and ways to celebrate this occasion.


Initially, in Italy Valentine’s Day was celebrated as Spring Festival. People used to meet in the garden and enjoy poetry reading sessions followed by going for walk with their loved ones. Now exchanging gifts, romantic dinner are preferred way of celebrating the occasion. Chocolate gifting is the most famous way of showing love. And yes, they believe bigger the chocolate size stronger the love you will have.


It is claimed that first Valentine’s Day card was produced in France. Charles, Duke of Orleans, sent love letters to his life while imprisoned in the Tower of London in 1415. French considers 14th February is the best day for marriage proposal.

United Kingdom

In UK, people send Valentine’s Day card secretly. It is a tradition since Victorian time. Different parts of UK have their own methods of rejoicing the occasion. For example in Norfolk, a baffling Jack Valentine taps on entry gate of house and disappear but leaves behind sweets for children.


On the seventh day of the seventh month of the lunar calendar, Malaysian women write their phone numbers on oranges. They throw these oranges into nearby river. They hope that their dream man will get the orange and call them back.


In Japan, it’s all about women coming out and expressing their love instead of another way around. Chocolate gifting is the most famous way of expressing love. Different chocolates have a different meaning in this part of world. E.g. giri-choko means obligation chocolate, honmei-choko means true feeling chocolate, tomo-choko means friend chocolate.

Valentine’s Day greeting has been exchanging for years. However, with cards, roses, chocolates and other gifts, Valentine’s Day has also become a day for sending text messages from your mobile phone. Valentine’s Day now features in the top five texting day of the year. Sending text message and calling to your loved ones on this day also would be an appropriate tribute to Alexander Graham Bell as on this very day of 1876, he submitted his patent for telephone.

This Valentine’s Day gets connected with your loved ones!

Times have changed. These traditions have seen the changing rules of love. Cards, roses, chocolates and other gifts have seeped into our lives, and have become the token of love. Valentine’s Day become a day for calling your loved ones from your mobile phone. Make plans with your loved ones or call up you’re the ones who are not in the same city. They say that true love knows no distance. But sometimes, we just crave for a word from our loved ones staying far away from us. Let them know how it feels…when love calls!