What are the Benefits of Dual Core and Quad core Smartphones?

It’s the core of the phone that puts the smart in the smartphone. Today there are phones with dual core and quad core processors. To a layman this is just another jargon. But it is always good to understand these technical terms so that you get the best out of your smartphone.

The smartphone core is what the CPU (Central Processing Unit) is to your computer. It is a chip that drives the entire operations of the smartphone. It all started around 2012 when the single core of the phone was being replaced by dual cores. It immediately put twice the amount of processing power making multitasking faster and smoother.

Soon quad core phones started emerging once again doubling the processing power. But does all this make any difference and should you be buying a dual core/quad core smartphone? Well, read on to find out more and to separate the truth from the myth about multi core smartphones.

Deciphering the multi core smartphone technology

For most people the difference would not even be perceivable. All the tasks that you can perform on a quad core phone can be conveniently performed on a single core phone. By all tasks we mean, the regular calling, texting, chatting, browsing, downloading, gaming and using the multimedia features. So there is no point in going for a dual core or quad core processor when the single core on your smartphone is more than sufficient.

Most apps hitherto designed perform fairly well on a single core phone and this makes the multi core phone capability almost redundant. But future apps might be designed keeping the dual core or quad core processor in mind and that is when the extra cores can be put to better usage.

But then why have manufacturers gone to such great lengths to come up with multi core phones? Well, with each passing year the smartphones are being put to accomplish ever complex tasks. Consider watching High Definition videos on your smartphone and not losing out on the picture quality or making a video call with crystal clear video transmission. Games are getting more complex with high quality graphics and heavy processing involved. For all these tasks the multi core smartphone is a godsend.

The images will start looking sharper, HD video streaming will get smoother, big apps will load faster and complex multiplayer games will be a joy to play, all courtesy of multi core phones. Today’s generation just cannot get enough of processing power for all that multitasking that they are so accustomed to, on their smartphones. Multiple cores will ensure that your phone will never hang or crash even with numerous applications open simultaneously.

So you can conveniently download an app in the background while browsing the internet and listening to your favourite music from your music library. With multiple cores each task will be assigned to a particular processor so that there is no lag or processing bottlenecks whatsoever.

The most important benefit is in improving the battery life which as we all know has for long been the Achilles’ heel of smartphone technology. Multiple cores share the workloads which in turn help to run each core at a lower frequency and voltage. This enhances the battery life and prolongs the smartphone usage on a single charge. Now this is a winning proposition whichever way you look at it. It helps to keep the power-hungry smartphones and their ever-demanding masters ever satiated.