What AI Can Do For Smartphone Cybersecurity Now


Cybersecurity has become an important and crucial part of the growth in number of online transactions. This has also increased the cyber threats and has resulted in adoption of AI techniques that enhance the online security of our smartphones and the information stored in them.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now taking center stage in smartphones, and it use goes far beyond applications like digital assistants. AI has made it possible to create an offline profile of its owner without sharing any personal identifiable information (PII) outside of their phone.

Advantages of AI in Cybersecurity

AI has various advantages in many areas, cybersecurity being one of them. With the increasing cyber attacks and rapid multiplication of devices, AI can keep us informed and updated with cybercriminals. It automates threat detection and responds more effectively than manual techniques.

New Threat Detection

AI can be used to detect cyber threats and malicious activities. Traditional software cannot keep track with the new malwares created every week, so in such area AI helps. By using algorithms, AI can be trained to detect malware or even detect malwares attacks before it enters the system. This can help prevent cyberattacks, as all cyber criminals follow trends too and stay up to date with current technologies.

Battling Bots

Bots have taken over a lot of websites, and they can be dangerous. Bots can be used for account takeovers or to steal credentials or creating fraud data and accounts. This can’t be handles with manual response. AI understand the website traffics and distinguishes good bots, bad bots and humans. Thus making it safe for you to visitg websites.

Better Endpoint Protection

There is an increase in number of people working remotely, AI helps keeps all the smartphones and systems secure.  Antivirus solutions and VPNs help against malwares attack but they often work based on signatures. So in order to keep your device protected from the latest threats, it is essential to keep up with the signature definitions.

Living in an era where data privacy is compromised, the best way to target customers and to protect their identities it is essential to keep their private data in their own hands. As smartphone AI technologies continue to grow, companies will start looking into mobile marketing to get in touch with their potential customers without having to know all of their personal details.

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