Ways to connect multiple Bluetooth speakers and headphones to one smartphone?


Most of the latest technology smartphones allow multiple audio sharing and dual audios. Smartphones can now be connected with multiple Bluetooth speakers and headphones.

A speaker or a smartphone’s audio does not transmit sound to a large group of people when in a mood to party or some good music. But with these latest developments in technology in this digital era it is possible to connect multiple Bluetooth devices to a smartphone. Below are a few steps to follow to connect your smartphone with multiple Bluetooth speakers or headphones:

Steps to connect multiple Bluetooth speakers and headphones to your smartphone:

Various Bluetooth speakers or headphones can be linked to your smartphone at a single time depending on the Bluetooth version in your smartphone.

Step 1: To begin with, connect your smartphone, speaker and headphones one by one when pairing them for the first time.

Step 2 Once they have been paired, go to the ‘Advanced Settings’ option and turn it on and further switch on the dual audio or multiple audio option to connect your smartphone to more than one device at a time.

Step 3: If your smartphone is an Android 10 or an updated connect Bluetooth devices by going to Media in the Quick Panel and selecting the paired devices that need to be connected for audio output.

IPhone users on the other hand can go to the Control Centre and hit the ‘Airplay’ icon. Then select the speakers or headphones that you’d like to connect to hear audio simultaneously. If any one of the device is deselected, then the audio will be stopped on that device. These are a few ways in which you can create a party like sound by connecting multiple devices together.

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