Tips to use your smartphone as a communication tool for your business

With faster speeds, stronger devices, and more work being done in the cloud, working from a smartphone is now a reality for many businesses. However, when utilized correctly, mobile phones can help professionals knock out work, especially smaller tasks, which could potentially boost productivity.

Business communication tools have continued to evolve in the past few years. Here are a few ways to use your smartphone as a communication tool for your business to work efficiently and effectively:

Use Separate Phones

Once you take the decision of working using your phone, it is essential to keep separate phones for your personal and professional purposes. Your personal phone shouldn’t be used for work as it may raise security concerns or may cause distractions. Personal phones have a lot of non-work-related applications which may divert your attention.

Download Office Applications On Your Smartphone

Many office software has their phone application versions as well. For example, Office 365, Gmail, and many others. You can download the applications that are used in your office on your professional phone and start working, without worrying about shifting from desktop to mobile.

Outline Communication Policies

Even if you use mobile for your work needs, it is essential to set clear communication guidelines to avoid any kind of confusion or miscommunication. For example, emails can be used for formal purposes, calls when something urgent comes up and text for issues that need to be resolved. This will give everyone a clear idea about which mode to use when working from their mobiles.

Use Virtual Assistants

Voice technology is the current trend, virtual assistants like Google Assistant, Apple Siri, Amazon echo, etc. have made our lives easy. They can be used for various small tasks like setting reminders, making calls and even to open various mobile applications. You no more need to type your queries on Google, just speak and the results will be on your mobile screen.

Link Your Business Email Account

Linking your office email might on a personal phone might not be allowed. However, different phones for office and personal use will solve the problem. You can check your mails on your phone, this ensures fast responses to official emails. This will also keep your mail inbox organized and clean.

Home Screen Optimization

It is essential to keep only those applications that you use regularly for your office work. Social media applications or non-work applications can hamper your productivity. Optimizing your home screen is the best possible way to get effective results.

Security Should Be Your Top Priority

Security of the device that has the details and information about the company should be your top priority. It is important to install anti-virus or other security feature that prevent any kind of loss of a company’s data from your smartphone.

With the latest technology, new launches with enhanced features show that mobiles are turning into effective business tools. The mobile market is thriving and is likely to grow more in the near future. If you have been missing out on the opportunities, you must start carrying your business on your smartphone soon

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