The Ways Consumers Connect to Stores with Mobile Shopping

Shopping through mobile

The mobile experience of customers is of primary importance for brands as mobile phones seem to be the gateway for customers to visit the store. With the increase in smartphone usage, mobile shopping is gradually stealing the show with all brands and businesses leaning on mobile to woo the customers. Newer innovations mark the mobile shopping world with customers not only going for searching information about products but buying them as well. As more customers try shopping and gathering information from their mobile phones on the go, brands have employed different ways to engage with the consumer. Here are few latest trends.

1. Smartphones seem to be the front door to the store:

Target, the retail giant reports that 98% of their customers are shopping digitally and three-quarter of those start their shopping journey on a mobile device. Target disclosed that about a third of the guests that clicks on Google ads pay a visit to the store. The fact is the shopping moments of customers have changed. Customers started shopping between meetings or during the breaks of a soccer game or any other time. This trend necessitated the brands to furnish with ever new and enhanced mobile phone experience.

2. Increase in local searches:

With mobile phones equipped with the geo-positioning facility, the local searches have increased over the years as per Google’s reports. This points out that customers are increasingly looking for stores and sales outlets near them which are easily accessible through their mobiles.

3. Inventory drive shoppers to store:

With the smartphones, the habits and practices of the shoppers have also undergone a change setting new rules for shopping. The customers are increasingly getting used to checking the inventory to find out what they are looking for are in stock. Noticing this trend, the major brands have started displaying whether that particular item is in stock at a specific store location.

4. Smartphones used for in-store research:

Brands have realized that consumers conduct in-store research on their mobiles before buying a product. This is the reason the brands have started providing scan-able products that reveal more information on demand. This has not only enhanced user experience but has surged the sales figures and brand loyalty to a great extent. In this age of instant connectivity, customer experience can be adequately influenced by being more transparent and by providing real-time information.

Looking at all these trends, mobile phones are emerging as the most important channel influencing customers’ behavior and purchase decision. There is no doubt that mobile experience is changing the behavior of the shoppers both inside and outside the store. According to a study by MasterCard, shoppers who shop both online and offline with any specific brand end up buying 250% more on an average. Thus as omnichannel presence becomes vital and crucial for brands, providing the relevant and necessary information through mobile also emerges as even more important and critical.