The Effects of Mobile Phones on Business Communication

Mobile phone revolution

Mobile communication has taken the world of business by storm. Smartphones have made it possible for people to perform business related tasks from almost anywhere. The ability to access Internet through their phone has enabled people to constantly stay connected with their peers and supervisors. The facility has enabled both professionals and company employees to improve their efficiency and productivity. The rapid communication has also improved the decision making process of many businesses. Moreover, it has also saved the upfront cost for small and medium businesses, as they do not have to invest heavily on office infrastructure.

In addition, there are several other benefits of mobile phones that have changed the way in which companies performed their business.

Optimized Sales Performance

By using their smartphones, sales personnel can access vital information about their potential client before the meeting. They can understand the primary needs of their customers and be prepared to offer the right solutions. Sales personnel from B2B industries like FMCG can also keep a track of the inventory in real-time. The latest data at their disposal enables them to make appropriate commitment to their clients about the delivery time and quantity of products. The ability to track the exact requirement of the customers and being able to upload them into their system in real-time can maximize their efficiency. Also, being able to generate sales reports, and transmit new orders or support requests from wherever they are, can quicken the entire process. The substantial improvement in its sales communication can provide a competitive advantage to the organization. This factor can play a vital role in helping it to overtake its competitors and be the market leader.

Enhanced Customer Engagement

Customers with mobile phones in their hands can now contact any company at any time and from anywhere. Also, the instant communication can help customers solve their issues in real-time. Many companies are harnessing this potential to enhance their service and boost the overall experience of the customers. By creating user-friendly mobile-apps, firms are looking to simplify their interaction with the customers. Furthermore, these apps have also opened a new promotional channel for companies. Firms can now identify the specific needs of their customers at the right time to offer the appropriate product and solutions. This would not just help in improving the conversion rates but also enhance the company’s reputation as a customer-centric brand.

Improved Customer Support

The integration of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) with social media apps has allowed customers and organizations to take their affiliation to new heights. Customers can now use their phones to communicate with the brands using their social messaging options and get instant access to their issues and concerns. The phones are also the main reason why companies now have much more detailed information about their customers. This has enabled them to offer much more personalised service, which in turn has optimized the customer’s life cycle. Thus, mobile phones are helping businesses deal with customers’ issues more efficiently and are playing a vital role in improving customer-satisfaction.

Better Collaboration

Holding regular meetings and conferences has become much easier as all employees can now participate even if they are away from the office. Latest smartphones and tablets have tools that can enable web conferences, teleconferences or video calling via the internet. Wherever they are, members of a team can now exchange their viewpoints as if they were physically present at the office. Such conferences through the mobile do not require crucial meetings to be postponed due to the absence of few members. This capability offered by mobile phones facilitates better collaboration among all the employees and also help in improving their productivity.