The easiest way to transfer data from iOS to Android

Phone Data Transfer

As a mobile phone platform, Android is not only more affordable, but also has pioneered some cutting-edge and exciting features. Having grown to become the world’s most popular mobile OS, Android also offers the benefit of using a huge number of apps and games for free. Sometimes, the games and apps that are listed for a price on iOS are still available for free on Android.

Android does not have a rigidly integrated ecosystem, and the Google account serves as a passport while accessing several useful services. Also, most of these services and tools are on par with those available on iOS. This makes it easy for users to access all their files, contacts, bookmarks, etc., on any Android device. Moreover, the platform was the first to introduce various cutting-edge features like finger-print scanners and facial recognition cameras.

So, there is no surprise if as a realistic user you want to switch from your iPhone or to an Android phone, which is manufactured by several prominent mobile brands across the globe. However, transferring the data from iOS to Android can be the main concern, and is trickier than it appears. Yet, there are easier ways to do it. Once done, you can make the best use of the platform by transferring your vital data like contacts, music, videos and pics.

Transporting Contacts

1) Using iCloud

iCloud is the cloud-storage subscription service from Apple, which lets users access all their data and files from any device. Using this, users can transfer all their contact with a few taps.

• Turn on Contacts in Settings > iCloud on your iPhone.
• Log into the iCloud website on your computer.
• Tap the gear icon at the bottom left and choose Select All > Export vCard.
• Now log into Gmail, tap Contacts, or head to Google contacts in the browser and tap Import.
You would find all your contacts appearing in your Google contacts one by one.

2) Using My Contacts Backup app

The app is available for free and can be used to transport your contacts with ease.
• Install the app on your iPhone
• Launch it, tap backup, and then email the backup file to an email account on your Android phone.
• You’ll get a VCF file which you can import into your Android contacts app.
You can also you the process to transfer only specific contact, which you can do it one by one.
• In that case, just open the contact you want to transfer on your iPhone.
• Select Share Contact to send it as a text message or by email.

Syncing the calendar

Setting up a Gmail or Google account makes the synchronizing of the calendar much easier.
• Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars on your iPhone
• Add your Gmail account or select it, then turn on syncing for Calendars.

Once you have transferred all your data from to an Android device, you can make use of some exciting tools available on the platform that can make your life easy.

• Google Contacts for backing up and sharing contacts
• Google Calendar for keeping on top of your schedule
• Google Drive for backing up your files
• Google Docs for editing and sharing documents
• Google Music for storing and streaming your music from the cloud
• Google Photos for backing up and sharing photos and videos
• Hangouts for chatting and sharing files
• Google Keep for notes and lists