Texting: Phone Texting vs. Texting Apps

Texting: Phone Texting vs. Texting Apps

World of communication is changing. It has become more than just phone calls. Texting has become an integral part of our lives and we are getting spoilt for choices. Phone calls or texting apps…we have got it all.

A messaging app is a pretty straightforward concept: they replace phone texting by internet-based texting through app. Messaging apps aren’t just for teens or ne’er-do-wells. They’re especially useful for anyone who doesn’t want to pay for texting (or is communicating across country borders).

These “free texting apps” have grown to be so much more than texting apps. They allow:

  • Texting
  • Voice call
  • Video call
  • File transfer
  • And more…

So the question arises, is it worth paying for texting through phone? More significantly, has time arrived when we do not need phone number as our cell phone has become only a data device?

The immediate problem of using an app is of fragmentation. App allows you to make call to only those contacts who have installed same app as you on their device. If your new contact is not using same app, you would not be able to make call to him or her. Your new contact might prefer other app services as his or her friends could have different messaging app. Though, carrier-based calling and messaging is expensive but it is universal.

How about the times when you would like to have a bank account? Calling your bank is likely going to require a phone number (for now, anyway). So keep your phone number handy.

December, 2014 saw one of the cell phone companies announcing the offer of an international plan that includes unlimited texting and data across 120+ countries, the first truly-reasonable option for international travelers (and certainly direct response internet-based options).

Our smartphones are becoming less of “phone” and more of “mobile data device.” While the carriers are playing catch-up and hobbling together plans and networks that attempt to create a smooth international experience, users are quietly moving their calling and texting to the internet.

Internet-based apps are giving tough competition to cell phone carriers. It does not mean end of cell phone service. It has transformed cell phone carriers into mobile internet providers. After all, these apps are useless as carrier-replacements without a mobile data connection.

There is hardly any distinction between internet providers and mobile carriers, and the line has become so blurry that it doesn’t matter now. Mobile carriers are slowly accepting this reality and having better offers up their sleeves. Long live cell phone carriers!