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How to get Free Lifeline Service in Sacramento, CA

The Lifeline service is a federally funded government program and was established with an aim to provide free phones service to low-income consumers across the country. The program ensures they do not miss out on the opportunities and security that come with phone service. The Lifeline program is aimed at making phone service affordable by

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Switch to TAG Mobile California Lifeline BYOP and Get FREE 3GB LTE Data

High-speed mobile data has made the Internet much more accessible across the globe. Smartphone users are now reducing their reliance on Wi-Fi and moving towards mobile data for uninterrupted connectivity. Recognizing the changing trends in customers’ needs, TAG Mobile now offers FREE 3GB Data that lets customers browse more and stream faster. Eligible customers in

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How to get the Free Lifeline Smartphone (or) BYOP in California

The LifeLine program has been around since 1985 and has been providing free government phones in California. It has been designed to ensure that low-income consumers don’t miss out on the opportunities and security associated with a phone service. The California LifeLine program is aimed at making the phone service affordable by offering considerable discounts

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How to get Free LifeLine Smartphone in Fresno, CA

Fresno is the fifth largest city in California and located halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco. The city’s name in Spanish means the ‘Ash tree’, and the tree also appears on its flag. It’s because, the Ashes are most commonly found trees on the banks of San Joaquin River that flows through the area.

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