TAG Mobile offering free smartphones and Lifeline programs

Lifeline Program

About two-thirds of the Americans own a smartphone and a majority of them use these devices to access the internet. The owners of smartphones are mostly young Americans with high education levels and relatively higher income. The Smartphones are mostly used to navigate various important life events and emergency services. The smartphone dependent lower income group also use their phones for searching jobs and to access employment-related information. There is a nation-wide effort from the government as well for making smartphones available to each and every resident. Lifeline calling plans and Lifeline discounts are made available to the US residents in the lower income bracket. For availing this discount, participating in the qualifying low-income programs or demonstrating, the household income is below a certain level is necessary. Another condition is that you should be a resident of the U.S. Cellular ETC coverage area which is dependent on the Zip code of the home address.

Even with all the government aid programs, smartphones are still a costly apparatus. Companies like TAG mobile are authorized to distribute free mobile phones and smartphones to low-income group households. This is a boon to people who find it hard to afford a smartphone. Not only that, TAG Lifeline services also offer the Lifeline discounts to low-income households in accordance with the benefit programs of the Federal Communications Commission. TAG mobile services are deployed to ensure that all Americans have the opportunity to use smartphones and the services including internet. TAG mobile services are available in 19 states in the U.S., making it one of the largest in the Lifeline Assistance program.

The benefits, the residents accrue from these programs are huge. The program offers free minutes of talk time and text each month with attractive and cost effective top-up plans for talk, text, and data. Apart from these offers, the eligible residents of California and the Tribal lands of Oklahoma are entitled to receive free unlimited talk time, text and data every month. There are designated authorized local retail establishments in all the 19 states which make it easy for the customers for the purpose of getting the TAG mobile services, Lifeline services or purchase prepaid wireless service plans. TAG mobile also organizes face-to-face sessions and community events to promote general awareness of the Lifeline programs and services. The company states that its goal is to promote awareness of the Lifeline programs and make the application process of the Lifeline programs easy and accessible by the residents. During these community events, the prospective customers are made aware, about the programs and they can apply in person during the events organized by the company. Customers, of course, can apply online through the website of TAG mobile.

Dealership Offers

TAG mobile also offers exciting business opportunities for those who wants to become TAG mobile ISO Agents. This empowers the eligible business owners and companies to sell the Lifeline products and services and integrate TAG mobile services in their existing business models.
TAG mobile’s mission is to popularize the Lifeline services and discounts and to make it available for the American residents who need it. According to a comScore report of 2016, 198.5 million people own a smartphone with 79.1% mobile market penetration. This means there is a considerable number of population, still left who are yet to use smartphones. With the Lifeline programs and TAG mobile services and of course other service providers there will be more usage of smartphones in the U.S. As TAG mobile is engaged in mass awareness in the U.S., the dealers would not have to invest much on advertisement and awareness programs. They can also appoint sub-dealers under them enhancing the scope of coverage and the company promises lucrative commissions as well.

The process of application for TAG mobile dealership is also pretty simple. Interested businessmen and mobile dealers can visit the website of TAG mobile (tagmobile.com) and click on the “BECOME A DEALER” tab on the menu bar of the home page. The subsequent page will throw up a form and on filling and submitting it, the representatives of the company will contact you within 48 business hours. In addition to that, there is a dedicated helpline number for the new and existing dealers available on the website of the company.

The company is doing pretty well, according to reports and the benefits, the company offers for the dealers are better than the competitors. This has been one of the reasons for the rapid growth of the company. For those who are looking for businesses in the mobile space, it’s definitely a great opportunity as the company has a niche market and the sales are sure to happen.

With all the products and services of TAG mobile and the Lifeline services heading its way through the companies like TAG mobile, smartphone penetration is bound to increase in the U.S. This would certainly ensure that more people would access the internet through their mobile phones and be facilitated by web-enabled education, health, employment and emergency services.