TAG Mobile Bring Your Own Device

Are you a participant in the Government’s Lifeline Phone Program and wonder – “How can I to switch to a better network?” Or are you eligible for the service and asking yourself – “Which is the best Lifeline Phone Program Service in the country?” TAG Mobile is the answer. Reputed for exceptional service in Lifeline Phone Program domain, TAG Mobile is at the forefront of delivering outstanding customer experiences to its customers, and welcomes you with open arms to enjoy the wonderful experience.

If you love your phone and you want to keep it even after switching to our network, you can now choose our BYOD option. We’ll ensure the process is totally effortless by checking your phone’s compatibility with our network. Just call us and we’ll guide you through it all and help you get connected in the simplest way possible. Once you’re on board, you can choose from our wide range of plans that have been specifically designed for you. Watching this video will also help you understand it better. So what are you waiting for? Get on the TAG Mobile network now and Live life Unlimited!