Smartphones: Powerhouse in your Pocket

Powerhouse in your Pocket

Even five years ago, owning a smartphone was viewed as a prestigious issue, a status symbol as it were. This also meant that an “elite” phone was out of reach for most people. But in virtually no time the tables have turned, so much so that even college students flash the latest and trendiest smartphones and other gadgets now. Mobile technology has opened its arms and welcomed millions of eager consumers all over the world. The ease of use and competent, if not low costs, have thrown open a new era in the handheld/wireless devices domain. So apart from looks and features, which are the obvious draw, why should a feature phone user move to the next level and possess a smartphone?

Important reasons why you should buy a Smartphone today!

Communicate when, where and how you choose

All of us are familiar with the two primary aspects offered by feature phones—the call and text facilities. Smartphones take those modes of communication to an entirely different, mindboggling level. Your smartphone is more than a mere mobile phone, much more. Smartphones enable the users to enjoy an unparalleled online experience. You can connect with friends, family and co-workers on the Internet, through cellular networks or Wi-Fi. Log in to all your favourite social networking sites and never miss the action as it happens. Smartphones are a great way to shop online. There are thousands of stores you can visit and make purchases in a matter of minutes—whether you are at home or work. From breaking news to celeb gossip; the latest trends are yours for the taking. Smartphones have in many ways unfettered us from our desktops, enabling us to own the Web.

Clear the clutter of emails, notifications and chats

Catch up on emails whether you are in a remote corner of the globe or in the midst of the hustle and bustle of city life. With a few simple clicks you can compose, edit and send attachments too along with your emails. So you stay on top of the game and the client is satisfied that you replied to their email in real-time. Whoever said that you need to be in the boardroom to make that awesome presentation? Do it right as you travel, if you choose to! Instant Messaging apps make life a breeze as they enable you to chat with family, friends and even your boss with absolute ease, on the go.

It’s an App fest out there!

All smartphones come with a set of pre-installed software, more commonly referred to as Apps (short for Applications). These apps enable you to perform a range of tasks, or simply unwind. There are apps to check the fluctuating fortunes at the stock market; just as there are dozens of apps that beckon you to try your hand at a game of virtual football or ice-skating! Popular mobile phone platforms such as Android, Apple iOS, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Symbian provide their users access to visit online app stores from where they can purchase and/or download millions of (free) programs from third-party vendors. Not just that, navigation apps work as a GPS tool to help you locate places on the map—regions, restaurants, a friend’s house on a particular street… and much more.

Bring music and videos alive

Probably the most important twin features in smartphones are the functions of music and video playback. Yes, a smartphone is not only your portable music player; you can also watch hours of videos if you have a fast enough Internet connection. Nowadays, several leading movie and music production houses release trailers and snippets of films and music videos on mobiles first. The video quality on many smartphones available in the market today has been enhanced by allowing for high-speed frame rates. This basically means you can reduce the speed of the footage you’re shooting, so that you don’t miss a second of the action. The power to shoot memorable videos—at weddings, holidays, etc—in Hi-Definition is matchless.

Turn a photography ace

All smartphones are equipped with front and rear-facing cameras. Depending on your budget, you can buy anywhere from a 2 MP (megapixel) to an astonishing 41 MP! In fact, most smartphone manufacturers attract customers with the power of the camera features in their phones. And sure enough, the images clicked on certain phones are as good, if not better, than DSLR cameras.

So there you have it folks! The long and short of owning a smartphone. Consider buying or upgrading to one today. Stay connected and informed—always.