Smartphone Apps That Make Seniors’ Lives Easier

Smartphone Apps That Make Seniors’ Lives Easier

Gifting elders, such as our parents and grandparents, cell phones is a marvelous and thoughtful gesture. They can gain hands-on experience by using the latest touchscreen phones and thereby join hands with the new generation in keeping up with cutting-edge technology.

However, given their age and related issues, including failing eyesight, it becomes quite a task for senior citizens to operate smartphones. But help is at hand to address such problems. Thanks to Android Launcher apps, devices with the regular interfaces can easily be transformed to suit the requirements of older folks.

The best part about these launchers is that utilizing them is no rocket science! It is child’s play really because it is absolutely easy to switch between the launcher and the inbuilt original theme comfortably.

No doubt, there are dozens of ways to turn your Android smartphone into a superphone. So, to help you locate the best Android launcher apps that are available we’ve compiled a list (which is in no particular order) to enable our senior citizens to enjoy the experience of owning a smartphone to the hilt.

Big Launcher

Well, as the name suggests, this app provides a fantastic user experience, that is big on everything. A relatively simple launcher, Big Launcher helps magnify the text and other elements on cell phones and even tablets flawlessly. What’s more, the seamless interface that is custom designed places the most crucial contacts, apps, and emergency buttons (SOS) right on the home screen. This of course, saves the trouble of hunting for specific and important items one may need.

Additionally, incoming and outgoing text messages, keypad (or dialer) size, call logs, camera icon and more, are restructured and improved upon to enable a large, cosy view. So seniors need no longer fret and fume over reading off their smartphone screens—or worse, discard their cell phones out of the fear of mishandling it. Download the latest version to set photo in contact editor, use alternative layouts and enable third-party icon packs.

Large Launcher

A major grouse that elders have with most smartphones is the rather complicated inbuilt/default interfaces. Now they can bid such worries goodbye by installing the Large Launcher that makes using default options a breeze. This app is eye-catching as it has been beautifully designed. Set in easy-to-navigate colored blocks on the home screen, all that your grandparents need to do is use the slide up and/or down motions or tap apps to access them.

This launcher is pretty much the same as the others, in terms of simple interface, ability to enlarge font sizes and so on. Notifications have been simplified and the icons enlarged. And then there is the SOS facility that can be of immense help in times of emergency; as it sends out the current location of the user. Also, the latest version enables Flashlight, Smart Contact, Quick Dialing and Current Weather Info.

Simple Senior Phone

The Simple Senior Phone is a boon for Android mobile users—particularly senior citizens who have trouble with eyesight. Once the app is installed, a gamut of interesting features comes to light. The first thing you’ll notice is the simple home screen, the size of icons and other major elements. One of the fabulous aspects of this app lies in the fact that this launcher does not show default notifications; instead, they are presented in larger font sizes along with a selection of brilliant colors.

There is a reason behind the color schemes—users can easily identify the icons and their respective functions by this method. This app comes loaded with the much-needed One-screen One-click functionality; with improved dialer, predefined contacts and predefined messages. There are additional apps (modules) such as Magnifier, Torch, Camera, Calculator, Music player, and Radio.


For elderly people, using a smartphone is often times a complex and difficult experience. This need not be so anymore! The Wiser launcher is another promising and exceptionally easy-to-use Android app. Wiser replaces the native experience with one that caters to individual preferences. The app does away with the need for several menus and screens, which can confuse seniors.

Once the app is done redesigning the interface, users will find just six important options on their home screens—and yes, with big-sized icons. There are several other features that make this app a good option.

Necta Launcher

Imagine getting a phone call or a text message from your granny? Sounds improbable? Not anymore. The Necta Launcher transforms the interface options on Android smartphones making them larger, simpler and pleasing to the eye.

Necta’s big fonts are specifically designed for an effortless reading and writing experience. The internet search bar allows the elderly to surf the Net with ease. The Flashlight tool that is located on the home screen is very handy when trying to locate something in the dark. This app has been designed for senior people, with a scheduled caring option, which will send SOS messages to important contacts.