Mobile Phone Technology In 2016

Mobile Phone Technology In 2016

Ever since the first mobile phone was invented by Motorola a couple of decades ago the world has never been the same. Today the mobile phone is hailed as the great leveler since everybody can afford one. What began as an instrument to make and receive calls is truly a game changer in a world that is moving at a torrid pace. You can today get directions, watch HD videos, shop for household products, stay connected via social media, get information on the go, and much more with your smartphones.

So the natural question to ask is where mobile phone technology is headed in 2016 and beyond? The way this domain is moving it seems we have not even scratched the surface of it. Going forward will the mobile phone be the center of our universe when it comes to work, play, and entertainment? That’s highly probable.

Here’s what the gift of mobile phone technology will look like in the future:

User interface is one of the most enduring factors that has endeared a certain phone, technology or OS platform to people. Expect a lot of improvements in this domain. Your phones will start recognizing your gestures. You don’t even have to touch the screen to begin working with it. Your familiar and natural gestures will work just fine.

The phone display will be much more attractive. You can work in sunlight without glare and low viewability related problems. Augmented reality is another distinct possibility wherein your camera will be able to recognize and add to the existing reality. This can help you navigate a place better, tag the location and send it across via social media channels.

Rugged phone screens that can take the test of the elements and still function without a hitch are a distinct possibility. It could screen that are scratch proof, those that can withstand rainwater and so on. Also the phones will get sturdier with better shockproof designs that can withstand an accidental fall.

The software that drives the phone will be smarter and would be able to make better decisions. Depending on your location and time of the day it will provide you with a list of recommendations and such other stuff. Your phone will truly be your personal assistant, be it for work or entertainment.

Security is another vital component that is going to see a lot of attention. Your online transactions will be safer and the phones of the future will make it harder for cybercriminals to gain access. Iris detection, face recognition, fingerprint detection are some of the ways in which you can secure your device and keep the bad elements at bay.

The battery technology is receiving a lot of attention and research dollars. Expect to see faster-charging phones and ones that can juice your phone for a longer period of time. This shall work in concurrence with the mobile OS improvements which will be designed to consume lesser power and work smarter thus avoiding battery wastage.

Overall your phone will be the hub of your digital world to which other gadgets can be effortlessly paired. This essentially makes the mobile phone the one gadget that you cannot afford to give a miss in the future – 2016 and beyond.