Keep yourself fit with 4 top fitness apps

Fitness App

There are many simple ways to stay fit. Jogging, yoga, cycling or even climbing stairs, are some of the simple activities that can keep in shape. However, most people may want to know the exact number of calories they have burnt after engaging in such activities or just want to find out an effective diet. This lets them keep track of their fitness and manage their health. Being able to access such specific data through simple means can be highly beneficial for all, and fitness apps are exactly meant to do just that.

A range of fitness apps are available today which can be easily installed on the smartphone and can be used to perform a number of tasks. Right from keeping track of the fitness to providing workout ideas, there are several advantages of using these apps. Most of them are easily accessible on popular mobile platforms like Android and iOS, apart from providing a free basic/trial version, which makes them a viable option. Let’s checkout some of the popular fitness apps that are in trend:

Google Fit

Developed by Google, this app is quite helpful in tracking the energy spent through various fitness-based activities like cycling, running or brisk-walking. By installing Google Fit in Android phones, users can get instant statistics like speed, distance covered, or calories burned, as they trot, walk or pedal a bike. The app works with the phone or an Android Wear watch and records these stats automatically. This helps the users in staying motivated to reach their fitness goals. Moreover, the app also provides personalized recommendations on coaching tips to help the users achieve their desired goals.

Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal

This is one of the most popular smartphone apps that helps users with various aspects of fitness. It lets the users identify the right nutrition intake to achieve their objective of staying fit. It also tracks the appropriate exercise and diet intake, while providing calorie awareness through Gamification elements. Moreover, it’s available for free on various mobile platforms including Android and iOS. Users can stay motivated about their health by constantly tracking their consumption and calorie discharge.

Fitness Trainer – FitProSport

The smartphone app is a virtual fitness instructor with professional expertise. It has over hundred simple exercises that can be quite effective for both men and women. As the app provides detail description along with animation that makes it easy for people who wish to perform fitness routines at their home. It also provides the option for users to add their own workout sessions and the results of the exercise performed. Users can also add their body measurements such as weight and waist size keep track of the progress by comparing them before and after the workout sessions. To help them further, FitProSport lets the users create their own calendar of workouts. Its interface is quite simple and user-friendly, while the features get updated on a regularly.

Fitness Buddy

This is one of the highly rated fitness apps and is also recommended by a reputed sports magazine. It has over 1700+ unique exercises and a huge assortment of workouts with detailed animations and descriptions. The search bar allows the users to search from over thousand HD videos on various exercise that are broadly categorized as core, cardio, chest, shoulders, lower body, arms and back. Users can find routines specific to both the equipment and fitness objective and chart out their own regime. Moreover, Fitness Buddy has enough features for users to enhance their workout experience.

Plenty of similar apps are available on Google Play Store that support various fitness activities. There also provide a wide range of exercise and diet suggestions that can help users to measure their fitness and maintain it. Downloading and using these apps can be really beneficial for those who are serious about their health, as they can play a vital role in adding vigor to their daily routine.