How to keep your smartphone cool to prevent damage

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Most of us carry our smartphones wherever we go. And we usually carry them in our pockets or purses. It can be fine if you live in cool climes. However, when temperatures are on the rise, especially during summer, things can get a bit hotter, literally. This is when you need to take care of your smartphone and prevent it from overheating, which otherwise can impact its performance and even be hazardous at times.

Here are some of the simple tips that will help protect your phone from getting overheated.

Keep a tap on your apps

All smartphones have components that discharge heat. The major ones include the battery, CPU, and RAM. The more you have applications opened on your phone, the more these components would be under stress to perform and generating heat in the process. So, to keep your phone relaxed, which is important for its optimal performance, you need to shut down the apps and web pages that you’re not currently using. This can be done by tracking the applications manually or using a cleaning app that automatically stops all these apps at one go. You can also close down the unwanted web-pages by choosing ‘Clear-history’ options in your browser.

Peel away the case if it’s hot

Most of us have a case on our smartphones to prevent it from physical damage. However, the same case can be an obstacle for the air to pass through your device, and when it’s really hot, the impact can be palpable. So, the easiest thing you could do is to get rid of the case, which also means taking a bit of extra care of your phone to guard it against external damages.

Avoid tucking it in pocket or purse

When the heat is on during summers, it gets tougher even for our electronic devices, especially our phones. It makes things worse if you carry them around in your pocket or purse when traveling, which can block the air circulation from the gadget and cause the inner components to malfunction. If you’ve got no choice, the least you could do is to get the phone out at regular intervals to ensure it’s not overheated. But of course, you don’t have to keep it in the refrigerator once you’re back home.

Avoid battery-draining games

Our smartphones are meant to keep us engaged, of course, and playing games is the right on top of its amusements. However, some games can have a significant impact on your phone’s battery-life by draining quickly. When this happens, you’d be required to charge it at every few hours, which would increase the heat in the device and reduce its overall performance.

Don’t forget it in your car

Cars can get exceptionally hot during summers (both in and out) unless they’re under a cool shade. You need to make sure that you don’t leave your phone in your car, especially if for you have to park it in the open at noon time. Even with its windows open, the temperatures within can rise to crazy levels, and this could be disastrous for your phone.

These are some of the most common things you need to keep in mind to ensure the safety of your phone.