How virtual reality is coming to a Mobile device near you?

Virtual realitySmartphones are getting smarter with each passing day. Today they are capable of doing so much more than what they were initially intended to do. It’s really strange that they are still referred to as ‘phones’. Virtual reality today is a hot trending technology and it seems that smartphones are fully capable of delivering a VR experience to us in a cost-effective manner.

A multi-billion industry is spawning around providing virtual reality experiences on the smartphone. The reason for this is that the smartphone technology has developed to such an extent in the last decade that it has gone beyond anybody’s wildest imagination. Today we have in all likelihood everything in a smartphone that can power a virtual reality experience without a hitch.

The standard screen size for most touchscreen phones today is 5 inches and sometimes even more. This bodes well for getting an immersive virtual reality experience right in the palm of your hands. The processing power of smartphones is only getting better with time. Most of the smartphones currently are powered by either dual core or quad core processors. Expect mobile manufacturers to come up with octa core processors soon. The RAM is also getting an upgrade with even lower-end smartphones having 2GB RAM. All this ensures that processor-hungry applications can run smoothly without your phone hanging or crashing.

There are other additional features of the smartphone which makes it an ideal device for experiencing virtual reality in all its glory. The accelerometer, gyroscope all come in handy when tracking the position of the head to deploy the VR content most effectively and in an intuitive manner. The smartphone screen resolution is of particular interest here since what you get is pixel perfect images at all times.

There are some big players who are betting huge sums of money in this direction. The chief among them would be Facebook acquired Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR. These companies are promising to deliver a never before seen virtual experience on your mobile device. Your phone is the ideal device to convert the sceptics into inveterate fans of VR. Imagine playing the next gaming sensation completely in VR or taking a scenic tour of your favourite holiday destination while sitting comfortably in your living room couch. The options are only limited by your imagination.

Virtual reality promises to bring a computer-simulated entertainment environment onto your smartphone letting you explore and interact with the virtual milieu in a 360 degree manner. Thus it could easily become the center of your digital universe and provide hitherto unheard entertainment options to you today and for the foreseeable future.

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