How to use your smartphone as a sales tool

Sales tool

Sales people are always proactive in utilizing new gadgets that make their job easier, and Smartphone is on the top of the list. Apart from being used as a communication device, a smartphone can be used to access various sales management tools and documents. It can also be utilized as an organizer, where sales personnel can use it to schedule meetings and appointments as well as set reminders. Apart from these tasks, the smartphone can serve as an ideal sales device in many ways.

Tracking Customer Details

Sales reps are required to be constantly on move to meet different clients. Being able to access various details about the customers and their purchase history can be quite helpful before the meetings. Using a smartphone that can run the CRM tool, it becomes easy to access the details on the go.

Moreover, with sales executive having an idea about client’s expectations, they can use the phone to perform some research beforehand. In this way, the reps have a better chance of convincing the client and closing the deal.

Checking and Exchanging Emails

Emails are the primary mode of communication for sales personnel. By configuring the official email on their phones, they can always access work-related information from almost anywhere. Also, as smartphones keep improving on computing power, the need to switch to a laptop to access heavier email attachments is no longer required. Moreover, the improved mobile security features have largely solved the issue of protecting the confidential information on a hand-held device.

Monitoring Performance

Sales reps are always chasing their targets, which are revised regularly. Sometimes, the targets can change on a daily basis, and keeping a track of them can get a bit difficult for representatives who are constantly on the move. By being able to access both the individual and team targets through their smartphones, they can prioritize their work accordingly.

Schedule Appointments and Meetings

Sales people could be required to schedule numerous appointments and also attend many meetings, all in a day’s time. It can get a bit overwhelming, and a little bit of assistance in organizing them can do a world of good.

The ability to install and use customizable scheduling apps on their smartphone that can remind and organize the daily schedule can add an edge to the sales people’s efficiency. Also, messaging and live chat apps can help in conducting team meetings, with sales members logging in remotely from anywhere they are.

Well, the list is not exhaustive, and there are many tasks that can be performed by sales guys using their smartphones. But, it’s inevitable that the device has only added to their efficiency and performance.