How to Transfer Text Messages to a New Android Phone

Smartphone texting

The technological world is ever changing, and this requires us to be upgraded necessitating the change of devices and mobile phones. The world of mobile phones has gone through a sea change in the last decade. The Feature phones have evolved to become smart with internet access and have made our lives easier with useful apps. Even in the smartphones, newer versions with more modern technologies are being launched with users switching to sophisticated devices.

While transferring from one device to the other, many are worried about their data and text messages and wonder how they can be transferred to the new phone from the old one. However, on getting a new Android phone, we need to transfer our old photos, apps, videos, SMS, etc., to the new phone. There are numerous ways to do it. Nevertheless, not all the ways to transfer SMS from the old phone to the new phone are so convenient and easy. Listed below are two easy ways to transfer SMS from your old Android phone to a new one. You can choose any one of them that suits you.

Transfer Text Messages with Android Apps

Download apps that you can use to have a backup of your data in your old phone and then all you have to do is to restore this backed-up data on the new phone. Take the backup of your SMS as you would find options to take backup of different data types in the app. Save the backup of the SMS to your SD card or anywhere following the options given by the app.

Once a backup is taken, tap on “Restore” on the backup app and show the path of the backup file. Now remove the SD card from your old phone on which you have taken the backup and insert it in the new phone. The SMS and the other data will be restored on your new phone.

Transfer Text Messages with Bluetooth

Bluetooth can be used to transfer your files and SMS data to the new phone easily. Although, this is an easy method but is a bit tricky as you have to find out the file where all the SMS are stored which just needs to be copied and transferred to the new phone through Bluetooth. Just connect both the android phones using Bluetooth and transfer the SMS file to the new phone to the same path and destination folder as it was in the old phone.

You can choose any of the two easy methods to transfer your text messages from your old to the new Android phone. After the transfer, you will have all your old text messages on your new phone for reference. Just go ahead and enjoy using the new phone.