How to take long exposure photos on a smartphone

Long exposure photography is an extremely flexible technique. It can be used to brighten the places that are dark or to darken the bright places or to smooth out movement captures. With advancing technology, you do not need a professional camera (DSLR) to take such shots, long exposure shots can now easily be taken from your own smartphones.

These shorts are no more just for professional photographers. Anyone can take such shots by adjusting and making a few changes in the camera setting in their smartphones.

We will look into the steps of taking a long exposure photograph from your smartphone and help you take your photography to next level.

The first step towards taking a long exposure photo is to have access to your phone’s manual photography mode.

  • Instructions of Shooting Long exposure photographs in Manual Mode on Android Phones: 
  • Open your Camera Application
  • Swipe left and right to open a menu tab.
  • This tab presents to you all kinds of picture modes available on your phone.
  • Select the Manual Mode or the pro mode.


  • Locate shutter speed:
  • Tap on the shutter speed icon
  • You’ll see various options that range from 1/3200 of a second to 30 seconds.
  • The longer the exposure that you choose, the more time your camera’s sensor is exposed to light.


  • Adjust ISO:
  • ISO defines the sensitivity of the sensor to light.
  • High ISO over exposes you to light, resulting in a bright white image.
  • For long exposures it is advisables to take low ISO.

Photo Apps for Long Exposure Photography

Some phones, photography software hides a lot of its important features like the shutter speed or ISO and only lets the camera adjust these features automatically. To have an open end access to all the features it is advisable to download an application.

Android (Google Play): HD Camera This application allows you to work in detail with your photography skills. It gives you full customization and editing suite. Through this application you can adjust all the aspects of your shot manually.

Follow the above given tips for a better long exposure photography experience.

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