How to setup mobile Hotspot on Android phones

Mobile Hotspot

The Hotspot feature of mobile phones allows you to use the Android phone as a Wi-Fi router with a network that can be shared by other devices. Laptops, tablets, computers, and other mobile devices can easily access the phone’s data network which is referred to as creating a mobile wireless hotspot.

This is an excellent and highly useful feature for people who travel regularly and are in need of high-speed LTE networks on the go. Hotspot would help you to connect to the internet from anywhere, and you don’t have to wait any longer for any public Wi-Fi for connecting your devices. The process of activating the built-in Hotspot service through your carrier is described below.

Just follow these steps to set up a mobile wireless hotspot network on your phone.

1. If you have a Wi-Fi router on, turn it off as it is useless to have Wi-Fi Hotspot when another network is available.
2. Plug in your mobile phone to the power source as setting up a mobile hotspot may draw a lot of power.
3. Tap on settings on your main home screen. On the first section of your settings, you may find an option for Hotspot under Bluetooth or Hotspot. Tap on it.
4. In case you do not find Hotspot on the first screen of Settings, tap on the “More” option. The next screen with more option appears, and you would find an option which says “Tethering and Mobile Hotspot” or something along similar lines.
5. Once you tap on Hotspot, you will see many shortcuts to change different Hotspot settings.
6. As you need to set up the Hotspot for the first time, input the name or rename it if necessary with a password which is easy to remember and is at least eight characters and tap on “Save” option.
7. Now you need to activate the hotspot network which you can do by checking the box on the main mobile hotspot setting screen.
8. The Wi-Fi hotspot is now enabled for other devices to connect to it. It will automatically notify showing the Hotspot status.
9. Once it is activated, you can connect other Wi-Fi devices or the laptop from the Wi-Fi settings of other devices. If other devices are connected, it will automatically notify about the devices which are connected to your Hotspot network.
10. Once your mobile phone notifies about the Hotspot status, the hotspot wireless network or mobile internet is activated, and you can go ahead and enjoy the services.

For increasing efficiency and saving energy, you can choose to turn off the Wi-Fi hotspot when not in use as Hotspot puts a hefty load on the battery. To view the options, tap on the “Keep Wi-Fi hotspot on” menu on the main Hotspot screen. This would help you save on the battery consumption as well as use your phone as a mobile Wi-Fi router when needed.