How to Set Up Voicemail On Android

How to Set Up Voicemail On Android

Are you a busy individual and want to set up voicemail on your Android phone for fetching your messages in future? Do you have voicemail on your landline phone however you just cannot figure out how to set it up on your Android smartphone? Are you baffled on setting up a voicemail service from your carrier? Do you search for an enhanced voicemail service because your phone carrier is just too pricey?

If you answered yes to any of these queries, then don’t be troubled as we’ll demonstrate you how you can set up voicemail on your Android device in just a jiffy.

Using this lead, we’ll not only show you how to set up voicemail on Android nevertheless also how you can use an alternative Google Voice service for setting the voicemail if you’re having setbacks with your carrier.

Method 1: Carrier Voicemail

This is the only means accessible for users who want to utilize the voicemail service accessible by their carriers. Most phone carriers do tender the voicemail service, with rates varying across networks and countries. If you want to establish basic voicemail on your Android smartphone, then you can simply configure it using this method within a couple of minutes.

Using this technique, you can direct your calls to your voicemail service and can recover the messages later. Due to diverse carriers and firmwares, this method might be somewhat altered for some Android devices, especially when setting up a PIN and a greeting message. That being said, the steps mentioned under should help you set up the service on most Android devices.


Open the Settings app on your Android device. Tap on Call settings and select Voicemail.

Tap on Voicemail service and select My carrier or My operator. Tap on Setup, Choose Voicemail number and type in your voicemail number. On some gadgets, you’ll see Voicemail settings instead of Setup. Tap on OK after entering your voicemail number.

Tap on OK in the Voicemail number changed popup. Open your Phone app or Dialer and hold on the One key until your phone calls the voicemail service.

Enter a PIN or password when prompted by the voice command. Record your name by speaking when prompted by the voice command. Choose the default greeting message or record a new one when impelled by the voice command.

Follow the voice commands for editing further settings. This will be contingent across different carriers. That’s it! You have fruitfully set up and configured your carrier’s voicemail service.

Method 2: Google Voice

This is the certified way of calling and receiving calls from your Google number. Google Voice is one of the most prevalent voice calling services currently available for Android and besides cheap worldwide phone calls, the service also has an effusively functional voicemail service. This process focuses on using an alternate voicemail service to traditional carrier voicemail services and Google Voice is undoubtedly the best decision. Not only does the service offer an enormous storage space and security, however it also includes numerous additional features. The service lets you access your previous voicemails and also structures options for sharing your voicemails.

Perhaps, the best thing about this method is that it lets you access your voicemails through SMS, email, the official Gmail site and the Google Voice webpage. Users can also record personalized greeting for different associates. Beforehand, the service was only obtainable for Google numbers but the service is now accessible on your original carrier number, meaning that you don’t have to change your number. You’ll still need a Google number and account for forwarding the calls. This method is separated into three parts: Getting a Google number, Setting up Google voicemail on your Android gadget and configuring the settings for voicemail.

Google Number

Primarily, you’ll need a Google number if you don’t already have one. Getting and allowing a new Google number takes just a couple of minutes. While the Google Voice service is available in particular countries, you can overcome this by using a VPN or Proxy service


Open the official Google Voice page on your desktop and login with your Google account details. After logging in, you’ll be directed through some steps for getting a Google number.

Tap on I want a new number. Select your desired Google number. You can search by area or ZIP code. Select your desired number from the list of results and click on Continue.

Type in your desired PIN code in the Enter PIN and click Confirm PIN. Make sure you accept Google Voice’s terms by ticking the I accept checkbox and click on Continue.

Enter your current number that you want to use as a forwarding number and click on Continue. This number will ring when somebody calls you on your Google number.

In the Verify Your Phone popup, click on Call Me Now. You’ll now obtain an automatic call from Google Voice. Enter the code shown in the popup when prompted by the voice command on your Android device. After applying the code, the call will repeatedly disconnect once your code is verified.


Voicemails are quite widespread on all types of phones and most Android users already have the feature permitted on their Android gadgets. While setting up a voicemail service could be pricey if you’re using your carrier’s service, it might be value it as voicemails can be really helpful during your regular routine. Whether you’re a busy individual stuck in meetings regularly or you’re someone who doesn’t like to answer phone calls throughout the day, setting up a voicemail service could be truly handy. Not only can you retrieve the messages from calls that you were not able to appear, but you can also block certain contacts and forward them directly to voicemail in order to avoid picking up their call. You might even want to obtain how to backup contacts so you know who the voicemails are pending from.

Method 1 is seamless if you want to set up a simple carrier voicemail service and it should work on most Android devices. If you feel that it’s too affluent or if you’re looking for several additional features, then Google Voice is probably your next best alternative as it deals with a lot more than a basic voicemail service. If you don’t have a Google number or haven’t used Google Voice before, then the complete procedure could take some time however it’s well worth it once you set it up and get it successively. Whichever method you choose, make sure that you trail all the instructions on how to set up voicemail on Android.