How to secure your home with Android phone

Securing Home

Have you ever wondered if your Android device (exemplifying its logo that resembles a robot), perhaps, is one of the ideal security guards to safeguard your home? As fabled as it may sound, your humble Android phone is, in fact, capable enough to keep your home safe and secured. If you are surprised, well, then you should know that there exist a variety of Android apps that have unique and innovative features to protect your home in different ways.

These apps work together with security cameras, motion detection sensors, alarms and other home security system devices, to keep it away from unwarranted threats. Some of them include advanced features such as simultaneous event detection, GPS location tracking, video surveillance, live video feed monitoring, etc. They also come with amusing interfaces and color schemes, which make them quite interesting to use.

On the other hand, there are a few that are not highly sophisticated, yet can still do a commendable job and are also cost effective. Altogether, the apps can perform some remarkable functions that are listed below:

Instant alerts

By attaching the sensors that come with the home security system to your entrance, door or windows, you can track unexpected movements from strangers. Even if it’s a minor vibration, they will send an instant alert to your Android phone to inform about suspicious activity.

The phones that are calibrated to receive the notification will receive the alerts together, so you and your family members can be notified in the nick of time as soon as someone tries to tamper with the locking systems of the doors, windows or tries to sabotage them.

Remote locking

At times, you have to rush out of your house in a hurry. Be it attending an important meeting, or when you have a flight to catch, these are the instances when it becomes too difficult to check each door and window of your home to see if it’s properly locked.

Your Android phone can put your worries to rest as you can now lock your door and windows from almost anywhere. The setup also eliminates the need for hardwiring, and the locks can be operating with the simple tap on your Android device.

Also, if you have called in repairers for a maintenance work and have to go out at the same time, you no longer have to bother your neighbors to handle your house keys. Once the work is complete, you can lock your home from your office, or anywhere else, as soon as the maintenance guy walks out.

Remote illumination

It’s scary at times to return late in the evening only to see your home covered in pitch darkness. It could take a lot of courage from you to get to the switches and turn on the lights inside your home, and you can even run the risk of taking a tumble in darkness.

The other option is to install the app that lets you switch on (and off) the light of your house using your phone from far away. You can either choose to illuminate a single lamp or your entire home with a tap on your phone, even before you enter your gateway.

Moreover, you can control the overhead lights in the rooms and even program the outdoor lights to switch on and off automatically based on the times of the day, all with your Android phone.