How to Reduce Internet Consumption on Android Phone

How to Reduce Internet Consumption on Android Phone

Everyone loves to use their Android Smartphones to browse the Internet. However, the cost of data might deter them from staying connected to the Internet all the time. While browsing habits can vary with the individual, there are several ways to reduce the unwanted consumption of data on your mobile phone. Here are some of the tips which can be effective in cutting down the consumption of data on your Android Smartphone.

Restrict background apps

One of the ideal ways to control the usage of data on your Android phone is to restrict the applications that are running in the background. These apps run in the background and usually include weather widgets, news-feed updates, or email- syncing processes. You can ensure these restrictions by choosing some of the specific options on your Android device. For this, you can go the Settings and then proceed to Data usage. Under this chose the option Restrict Background Data. If you want to do it for individual apps then you can directly go to App option under the Settings. This way you can you can control the usage of Internet by a group of apps or individual apps. Also, if you do not want to sync your emails automatically, then choose the Accounts option under setting and then choose the ones you do not want to sync automatically.

Shun online apps and games

There are some apps and games that constantly access the internet to function. Such games and apps can chew up your data. On the other hand, there are some apps and gaming applications which once downloaded do not require internet access at all. To be sure about the type of app, you can check the specifications before downloading. Also, there are some apps who usually auto-update. For this, check your Play Store options, under which select the option – ‘Do not auto-update apps’. Once done, you can rest assured that these auto-updates do not drain away your data.

Play your music and videos offline

If you like to listen to music or watch videos, try to download them if you have the option. This is because when you stream audio and video files from various streaming services or music websites, can burn up huge amount of your data. By downloading music files on your device, you can play them any number of times and without the need to go online. You can either save them on your phone’s storage or use a microSD card, which is not much expensive. If this is missing from your phone, then you can go in for a microSD adapter. Once you have played them enough number of times, you can replace them with new ones. This way you can limit the unnecessary consumption of data.

Use Offline Navigation

If you are using Google Maps for navigation, then chances are that if you’re not careful it might consume much of your mobile-data. However, as t is possible to use Google Maps offline, you can choose the offline navigation option to save on your data.

Utilize Wi-Fi hotspots

There are many places like airports, restaurants, hotels, etc., which offer open Wi-Fi network. You can easily find them through your Android device and it’s also easy to identify them. A Wi-Fi access point in Wi-Fi menu does not have a lock icon, and gives you the access without a pass-code. By making use of such Wi-Fi hotspots, you can preserve your mobile data for urgent use.

Apart from these tips, you can try and utilize your Bluetooth to share videos, pics and music. By using these tips you can try and minimize the unnecessary usage of data and save yourself from hefty mobile-bills each month.