How to Receive Android Updates Easily

How to Receive Android Updates Easily

If you are a Smartphone addict, you are almost certainly familiar with the general trend: after the traditional rumors, Google pronounces a new Android version every year Android is Google’s mobile operating system, and is running on most Android Smartphones. Whenever there is news that Google is going to release the next update of the Android you always speculate what is going to progress and above all, when the update will be available for your Android phone.

The manufacturers can’t always share data about which of its gadgets will get the next Android update. The common policy is that any Android Smartphone will get support for about one to three years after launch, and the company will – when technically possible – continue to keep posted a particular device to newer versions of the Android OS. The plan is to make updates presented as rapidly as possible, but in the past, updates sometimes got postponed or even got canceled for some gadgets, despite Manufacturers shows potential to release it for those devices. This was mostly because Manufacturers plans to update gadgets were based on previous information they would receive from Google or from telecom providers, which is the basis why it no longer presents information on Android updates and their availability, mostly to avoid disappointing users later on.

Manufacturers get a lot of questions from users as a result, and it is something the company fully recognizes. So here’s a general justification of how the Android update process works, and how Manufacturers works with telecom providers and Google.

Once Manufacturers and network providers have fully tested the software for diverse countries, Google must approve the modified Android system. But, if or during that approval process Google finds a little that needs to be changed, the complete approval procedure takes place again, even if the alterations required are particularly minimal. It can, therefore, cause a few delays and is also the reason why the expected date of the latest Android update for your phone is hard to predict.

The manufacturers themselves release the Android and push the release through the Google market

The other option which stands for “Firmware over the Air.” Here users can download the update from their wireless network and then install them on their phone. A user can update the FOTA themselves, but it is also offered by means of a push message to your cell phone. These push notices are sent out in notifications, so some users need to wait before they obtain the update on their device.