How to participate in Nevada Lifeline Service from TAG Mobile

Nevada Lifeline Service

Nevada is a state that has been known for its booming mining-economy. Often called as Silver State for the same reason, it is also famous for its mountain ranges. Nevada takes its name from a Spanish word meaning snow-clad, which comes from the Sierra Nevada mountain range that lies on its western boundary.

Las Vegas, the most populated city in the state is known as The Entertainment Capital of the World, and is famous for its glitter and glam. In fact, the Las Vegas Strip, a stretch of approximately 4.2 miles, which is known for its concentration of resort hotels and casinos, is the brightest place on Earth when looked at from outer space. At least, fifteen of the world’s top 25 hotels are located in the city, which apart from many skyscrapers also has the Stratosphere – the tallest freestanding observation tower in the nation.

However, the Silver state is scantily populated. It is the 7th largest in the country in terms of the area, but has a thin population. Even its capital – Carson City, is usually ranked as one of the smallest state capitals in terms of population. A section of the US Route 50, which runs through rural desert and mountains of Nevada, is known as “The Loneliest Road in America”.

TAG Mobile is proud to be associated with this unique state through the Lifeline program. Lifeline is a government benefit program that helps eligible consumers pay for telephone services by discounting the monthly service bill. Also, only one Lifeline benefit per household is allowed. A household is defined, for purposes of the Lifeline program, as any individual or group of individuals who live together at the same address and share income and expenses. The household is not permitted to receive Lifeline benefits from multiple providers.

TAG Mobile Nevada Lifeline Services Eligible Customers Receive:

• 1000 FREE Voice minutes every month
• Unlimited FREE Global texts every month
• 1GB LTE Data every month

TAG Mobile Nevada Lifeline Service Plan Benefits:

• No Contracts, No Cost
• Nationwide Coverage
• Caller ID
• Call Waiting
• Voicemail

The eligibility of the subscriber is verified by the FCC National Lifeline Accountability Database (NLAD). Nevada Lifeline Services discounts are offered to qualified Nevada customers who meet certain eligibility requirements such as, government assistance or a household income that is at or below 135% of the federal poverty level.

Eligible Subsidy Programs include:

• Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
• Medicaid (not Medicare)
Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
• Federal Public Housing Assistance (FPHA)
• Veterans or Survivors Pension

Customers can check their Eligibility for the Nevada Lifeline Program and, apply online at