How to make best use of Android Cloning Apps

Cloning Apps

Have you ever wanted to sign in into an app with two or more accounts while being able to operate them all at the same time? Well, some apps may allow multiple account support, such as the latest versions of Facebook Messenger or Instagram, but most of the others don’t, unfortunately.

There could be various other reasons that demand another instance of a specific application. Some of us are obsessed with trying out new things and love toggling with the settings or the options of an app. But, when it holds a good amount of vital data, which can be difficult to backup, you’d be wary of fiddling with the app.

These are the instances when you wish you had multiple copies of it, allowing you to test the various options without harming not just your data, but even the application. You might think of downloading the APKs of the mobile application and modifying it, but the chances of making it work are slender.

One of the solutions could be to use two different phones and share some common data between them. Although, this might be an expensive proposition, as you would not just have to buy a new phone but also have to go through the hassle of frequently transferring the data between the two.

So, if you want to be able to log in with different usernames, and use those accounts simultaneously, the ideal solution is to procure a ‘cloning app’, which can create a clone of most of the apps that reside on your phone. It can be fascinating because, by creating a clone of an app, you can have complete control on its features and performance and use the two versions to perform different things altogether. And of course, it’s much safer, as you no longer run the risk of losing your precious data held by the original version of the app.

While the reasons to have the same mobile application running twice on your phone can be many, let’s check out some of the apps that help you do it.

App Cloner

Apparently, the App Cloner is one of the top downloaded apps that can help you clone all other apps on your phone. Apart from installing the body-double, it also gives you full control over the appearance and actions of the cloned mobile application. Moreover, the cloned version can be given a different name and the icon hue can be changed as desired. You can avoid the conflict between the two versions by denying the cloned version to be set as the default version. Moreover, you can remove its widgets from the widget list and lock its orientation to landscape or portrait.

Many more options such as the ability to designate a different password, enable or disable the default permissions, exclude it from the ‘Recently Opened’ app list, and even limiting its mobile data usage can be quite helpful in keeping your phone secured and protected. At the same time, you can continue to use the original version of the app without any restrictions, and hide it from the view by assigning different username and password.

However, there are some limitations, and the App Cloner may not be able to clone some apps that require the support of Google Play Services. For the other mobile applications, it easily creates an independently functioning duplicate, which can run without any hiccups. Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are some of the popular apps that have been found to be primarily cloned by App Cloner.

AppClone- Multi Account

It’s another highly efficient tool that lets users create multiple instances of the favorite apps and games, which can be really helpful if you wish to use them both privately and openly.

Moreover, the ability to toggle between the original and duplicate version of the same app at the same time, is of course, quite useful. AppClone has been found to support almost all the popular apps that are used by Android users.

Parallel Space

There are various variants of this app. Apart from offering a lighter version that readily clones some default apps such as Chrome, Gmail, and YouTube, its is also available in a profound version that offers many more features. The heavier variant contains ads though, which you can get rid off by paying a nominal fee.

Some of the features include the colorful themes, which can be added to the cloned version to make it more appealing, while you can use the other option to make it invisible altogether. These features come in handy to maintain your privacy, as well as keep you amused.

A cloning app presents a whole new dimension to the way we used our phones, and perhaps, even saves us from the hassle of buying and maintaining two or more phones, one each for private use and work purpose.