How to lock apps and photos on your Smartphone


To think about the amount of essential information that is stored on our smartphones is frightening. Imagine what could happen if someone else gets their hands on this information and tries to misuse it?

You might have a phone lock, but that’s not enough to protect your personal information. It is advisable to add extra protection for this data on your smartphone. This might seem pointless but it is an essential step to protect your smartphone and data from hackers.

Why should you lock applications on your smartphone?

Our smartphone have become the key to our lives. Anyone who has access to our phones can easily access important applications on our phones through ease. These easily accessible applications are:

  • Texting applications
  • Photos and Videos
  • Ecommerce Applications ( Easily accessing your saved cards or payment details)
  • Social Media Accounts
  • Banking Applications
  • Online Payment Applications
  • Email Address ( Personal or Professional)

All this information if in the hand of a hacker can cause a lot of trouble and loss.  Your smartphones contain a lot of data that can help people to learn a lot about you. Thus, it is essential to install these mobile security applications that can help you protect your data.

Ways to lock applications on your smartphones:

Method 1

Use a different App locking application

Nowadays, there is an application for your every need. These app locks are simple and powerful solution to keep your information guarded. Just set a digital pin or bio – metric to allow direct access to the app.

There are various free locking applications available on your app store. A few of these app locks also come along with a parental control feature. This makes it easier for you to know that your children aren’t watching things they shouldn’t.

Method 2

Use your smartphones built in application lock feature

While app lock applications are reliable and secure, it is good to use an in-built feature on your phone. You just need to make a few changes in your phone’s security settings and keep thing in a secure folder of your smartphone.

Our smartphones carry so much of our vital personal information. Keep your social media, finance and work applications safe by using an app lock solution.

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