How to listen to Audio books on Android Phones

Mobile audio books

If you are an avid reader, there is great news for you. If reading books is your hobby, then you can utilize the time when you are driving or biking. You can even fruitfully utilize this time by listening to your favorite books. It would enable your mind to be engaged while you are driving or riding the bike. There are many people who couldn’t find time to read a book. Now, they can read books while they are working out in a gym or are engaged in some other activity. If you are thinking, we are talking about audio books on CD or tape, you are mistaken. There is an even more convenient solution as you can listen to audio books on your phone. If you do not happen to have an auxiliary audio jack in your car for plugging the phone in, you can always get a mini FM adapter or use a portable mini speaker as well. If you are excited by the idea of audio books, how to get these audio books into your phone. You certainly have a number of options depending on the amount you are prepared to shell out and the audio quality you desire. You must be wondering what are audio books and how is it going to help you. Audio books are nothing but audio recordings of books which are narrated by celebrities or popular narrators. Audio books can be a great source of entertainment and fun. We describe below few popular audio apps and ways to listen to audio books.


Audible owned by Amazon is a great choice for a great reading experience with a library of over 1, 80, 000 titles. The quality of the books are fabulous and are read by renowned personalities and celebrities. There is no charge for downloading and installing the app and it offers a subscription based service. There are different subscription plans according to the usage pattern. Popular titles of books are available and books can be moved from one phone to the other easily. There are options of searching the book titles inside the app itself. A demo can be played before downloading to find details about the book and books can be searched by author, narrator or genre. The speed of the play can be adjusted with the navigation tools and bookmarks would allow you to toggle between chapters.


Librivox is a free app but the narrative quality may not be as good as the books offered by Audible. There are over 50, 000 titles available which can be searched using the title, genre or author. To play the books you just have to click on the book and it would start playing in the Librivox player. There is a description available for each book and navigating between chapters is easy. These books can also be downloaded for playing them later.

Download audio Book Players

Dedicated audio book players can be a great option to play and listen to your favorite books. Books can be downloaded from websites like Simply Audio Books, Loyal Books, or Audiobook Store or any other such sites. The books have to be individually downloaded on your phone for playing in the player. The standard format is MP3 and so it’s advisable that you use the audio books in MP3 format. Players to play audio books are also available like Smart Audiobook Player which can be found on Google Play store. This app has all the necessary tools to listen to the audio books. The common tools required for playing audio books are the controls for playback speed, sleep time, history, and the auto-play option resumes playing after a call comes in.