How to get rid of duplicate contacts on Android phone

Duplicate contacts

Most of us like to stay in touch with our friends and well-wishers, and an ideal way is to keep their numbers stored in the contact lists of our phones.

However, a glitch in the phone can create multiple copies of a single contact, which can make it difficult to search or navigate the list. Syncing all the contacts by mistake after changing the SIM card or a factory reset can lead to this issue.

If the number of contacts happens to be huge, then manually deleting each of the extra copy can be an uphill task. However, the following tips can help you remove the duplicate copies in a jiffy.

Method 1#

One of the ideal ways is to sync your Contact list with Gmail. Most Android phones come inbuilt with the. Once enabled, the phone checks for all the contacts with same info such as phone numbers or email ids, and automatically deletes the duplicates.
To enable this feature, you need to go to Contact option in the main menu. Click on the ‘Contact view’ option on the top right corner and select the Gmail from the list. It displays all the contacts with a valid Gmail Id. Tap on the ‘More’ option at the top right corner and then select the option “Find & Merge Duplicates”.

A list displaying all the copies appears, letting you choose the ones that you want to keep or discard. You can ‘uncheck’ the box against them, and by tapping the “Merge” button, the remaining duplicate contacts connected to that Gmail account would get merged.

Method 2#

Another simple way of doing away with the duplicate contacts is through specialized apps. Google Play Store has plenty of apps that can scan your phone to find the identical contacts so that you can delete them as per your wish.

You can search for the app by using the keywords Duplicate Contact Manager. The search bar would also give you the options explicitly, and all you have to do is to select the one with the best rating. Once installed, you can launch the app, which would display the list and prompt you to delete them. Choose the checkboxes that let you select the ones that you want to eliminate and then click on the Delete button.

Method #3:

Android Data Transfer is another useful way to remove to identical copies of the same contact. It requires you to have a PC or laptop along with your Android phone. Once you launch the program on your PC, you can use a USB cable to connect your Android phone to the PC, and the program should automatically detect the Android device.

On selecting the “Contacts” tab on the top left of the program manager, all contacts in your phone would now get displayed on the computer’s screen. By choosing the “De-duplicate” option on the menu, you can further scan for the contacts. Subsequently, by choosing the option “Merge Selected”, you can merge and delete the selected contacts with few clicks.