How to Capture Scrolling Screenshots on Android

Smartphone screenshot

Sometimes, you might feel the need to capture and save a lovely conversation you had with your friend on a messaging app. Moreover, you may even want to share it with your other friends. Again, there might be an occasion when you are not able to finish reading an interesting article and want to get a screenshot to read it later.

However, if the length of the conversation or the web page is long, a typical screenshot wouldn’t suffice. You can go about taking multiple screenshots, but it could be frustrating if you would have to do it many times and then stick them together. Also, it would be tedious to carefully put them in the right order without missing out anything before saving or sending them.

It’s when you would need a scrolling screenshots, which can capture the entire length of your conversation on the messaging or any web page for that matter. If you have a new Android device with the latest version of the operating system, you might as well check if it has the scrolling screenshot option as a handful of new smartphones do provide an inbuilt mechanism for this purpose.

However, if your Android device does not have the inbuilt option, you can always download an app for the purpose. Some of these apps also let you stitch multiple screenshots into a single image manually. While there are numerous apps to choose from the Play Store, Stitch & Share is one of them, which can be handy when it comes to emulating the scrolling screenshot feature. Using it, you can get the screenshot of the entire length of the long page, even if it needs to be scrolled multiple times to reach its bottom; and that too in a matter of seconds.

Just follow the step-by-step instructions given below, and you would be able to capture scrolling screenshots on own.

Step 1: Search for the Stitch & Share on Google Play. Once found download and install it.

Step 2: Open the tool and then capture the first screenshot using your device’s unique button combination.

Step 3: Scroll down within the app and capture the next screenshot. Just make sure to keep a small portion of what was in the first screenshot visible.

Step 4: Repeat the previous step until you have captured everything you want to appear within the screenshot

Step 5: Once you’ve reached the bottom of the page, swipe down on your notification panel and tap the Stitch & Share notification

Step 6: Tap the green arrow icon in the lower right corner to save or share your screenshot

Step 7: In case the generated screenshot doesn’t align properly, you can adjust the overlaps in the images by tapping the scissors icon.

Stitch & Share also includes editing features. You can the highlight text option to focus on an important phrase or sentence. Also, you can insert a blackout bar if you wish to hide someone’s name, email or phone number. Though the text highlighting option is available in only one color in the free version, the number increases in the premium version. Moreover, you can get rid of the ads as well as the Stitch & Share watermark. While the app offers one of the simplest ways to capture the scrolling screenshot on your Android device, new ones are being developed and could be available in the market.