How to access Google Maps offline

Google maps on smartphone

Google maps haven’t just made navigation much easier but have also given a visual representation to most things we want to search on the Internet. Apart from helping you find the best route to your destination, it also helps you locate important places and facilities in your neighborhood such as restaurants, parks, schools, hospitals, etc.

Commercial utility of Google Maps

The tool is also a boon for businesses, as it can help them get located by potential customers with ease. A firm just has to do add itself to the Google’s network by providing the business details on Google Places, which will enable it to be spotted by online users searching either by the services it offers or simply by its name. And of course, the location of the company will be mapped for easy access to its physical address.

As Google keeps adding innovative features such as the panoramic view of places and virtual tours, it sounds all the more imperative for us to access it at all times. However, accessing the maps while you’re offline can be tricky.

Accessing them when offline

To makes things easier, Google Maps also provides an offline mode that enables you to find the directions even if you have limited or no connectivity to the Internet. You can do this by downloading the map of the current location or the place you wish to travel. Once the map gets saved, the tool will help you with driving directions and even guide across various landmarks.

Steps to follow

To use the Google Maps offline, just follow these simple steps on your Android device.

Step 1: Trace out the area of your choice by typing it in the Search box.

Step 2: Zoom in if you wish to save precise details of the area.

Step 3: Find additional options on the bottom of the screen

Step 4: Select the ‘Download’ option to save the map.

Once saved, the navigation options will be available for look up even when you’re not connected to the Internet and you would be able to locate your exact location as far as you’re in and around that area.

Things to remember

Even though you can access the maps by saving them for future use, it’s important to know that they wouldn’t be saved permanently on your device, as they expire automatically in 30 days after downloading.

Again, this can be considered as a useful feature as the maps take up a lot of space and usually run into gigabytes. For this reason, such heavy downloads are recommended only when you’re connected to a Wi-Fi, or it might end up consuming a good amount of your mobile network data.