How Smartphones Have Transformed the Way We Travel

Smartphone travel

The growing influence of Smartphones in every sphere of life has changed the way we went about doing many things. On the top of the list is Travel. Be it an official trip, a vacation with family, a pilgrimage, or an adventure trek, life for most of us, is a constant journey. Although we love to plan our engagements well in advance, we are also aware of the uncertainties that can pop up when on we are in an unfamiliar territory. However, with a Smartphone in your hand, you now have the power to minimize those obscurities.

The affordability of data rates has also added to the utility of Smartphone, especially when you are on the move. As a result, the ubiquitous accessibility of information has had a significant impact on the way we travel, and here are some of the aspects that demonstrate it.

Seamless Navigation

The satellite navigation apps and global positioning system (GPS) are part of vital features offered by many latest Smartphones. For travelers exploring unknown places, this is one of the essential requirements, as using the traditional passive maps and compasses can be cumbersome. You can always hire a tourist guide, but the chances are that you could miss out on some of the real tourist attractions as the guide might take you to places based on his or her preferences.

However, a smartphone with the advanced Google Maps has changed it all. Now, you’d not just be able to find your preferred tourist spots, but also get to know the shortest routes to them. Moreover, with Google Maps even showing the real-time crowd status, you can zoom in on a location to check what’s going on before heading there. So, no matter where you go, you’d never miss out on spots where you’d have maximum fun.

Online Booking

If you wish to book a hotel room or a flight ticket, you no longer need the assistance of a travel agent. The numerous apps for booking hotel rooms and flights can ideally help you get the best deal, any day and from virtually anywhere. It is especially helpful if you have to travel at short notice, and yet you can book everything instantly, right from accommodation, transport to even food, all on the go.

Last-minute Planning

The traditional practice of preparing travel itinerary months before an event has now completely gone out of fashion. Now, having your pals in touch with you all the time, you can prepare a travel plan in a matter of seconds by discussing it with your friends on WhatsApp or Skype. All you need is one of your friends to propose a destination and a ‘thumbs-up emoji’ from the rest. A DIY travel app can help churn out an enjoyable itinerary in the blink of an eye, and you’re all ready to get, set and go!

Safety & Security

When you’re in an alien territory, security can be a huge issue. Being able to communicate with your family and friends back home from wherever you are, is luxury offered by your Smartphone. Moreover, seeking help from the concerned local authorities in an emergency or crisis is another vital feature that can make your tour a risk-free excursion.

In addition to these conveniences, it can also help you overcome language barriers, as all you need to do is to install a language translation app, and you could be able to drive home your point even to strangers who don’t know your language. Thus, a Smartphone has not just changed the way we traveled but in fact, has given a whole new meaning to the word ‘travel’.