How smartphones can enhance workplace safety

Work place safety

Smartphones have many uses, and workplace safety is one of them. Workplace safety includes policies and measures to ensure the employees are safe and secure while they are at work. The occupational health and safety rules are usually set as per the guidelines decided by a governing body. Companies can comply with these rules by training the employees to follow them at the workplace. However, the duration of such training courses is too short for employees to get the hang of all the guidelines. This is where the smartphone can make a huge difference.

Training Videos

Employees can use their smartphone to store the videos that demonstrate workplace safety measures. By doing this, they can recall even the minor steps as all they have to do is to play the videos on their smartphones. As a result, the smartphone gives them the ability to watch and learn from these training videos whenever and wherever they need it. Due to this ability, the chances of missing out on an essential aspect of the safety can be minimized, which in turn can maximize the safety of the employees.

Risk Recordings

Employees working in a critical environment such as mine or tunnel construction, are always at risk of potential hazards.

They can keep a tap of their workplace surroundings by regularly capturing the images of their workplace, for which they can use their smartphones. In case they find any threat to their safety such as a leakage in the mine, they can act swiftly to intimate the disaster mitigation teams.

Again, they can use their smartphones to send those images to the concerned authorities and demand a quick response. In this way, they avert any types of immediate risk to their safety at the workplace.

Similarly, a team of professional correspondents such as news reporters can use their smartphones to navigate and keep in touch with each other when on a mission in a remote area and thus, ensure their safety.

Disaster Intimation

Smartphones can also be used by employees to contact the support teams such as fire brigade if there is a fire disaster at their workplace. Also, they can contact ambulance services if any of their coworkers faces a health emergency in the office. As most employees today have smartphones, it’s now much easier to access these emergency services, which adds to their own safety.

These are some of the ways in which smartphone and its features can be effectively used to manage risks at different types of workplaces. On the whole, smartphones have added a whole new dimension to the concept of workplace safety.