How Smartphones are driving growth in web traffic

Smartphone web traffic

In last few years, the computing power of Smartphones has increased dramatically. Added to this, the rapid expansion of high-speed 4G data networks has made Smartphones the ideal device to access the Internet. As a result, most of the web traffic is now initiated and driven by our mobile devices.

Here are some of the factors that have led to this scenario.


The huge popularity of smartphones can also be attributed to their low price as compared to desktops and laptops, which makes them much more affordable and accessible to the masses. The mobile phone can be easily used in places with basic network connectivity, while a desktop or laptop would need a certain amount of infrastructure for being able to access the Internet.


As phones get more and affordable, everyone in the family can have their own device and perhaps, more than one, if they wish to. So, where the number of a desktop computer is usually limited to one per family, as no one would need a desktop for each member at home, there is practically no limit to the number of phones they would want to use. Thus, the sheer increase in numbers has allowed the smartphone to grab the mantle of primary browsing device from the personal computer.


As the phone has turned into the primary hub of information and communication, most of us are spending almost double the amount of time on it as compared to our laptop or desktop. Moreover, senior adults in the family are usually hesitant to own and use a laptop for their personal work, but certainly, would like to have and use a phone. These are some of the factors that clearly show that it’s the mobile platform that is now driving the web traffic.


Personalization and customization are the primary features that make a Smartphone distinct from other devices. While you can create many users accounts on PCs and even personalize them, the amount of personalization it allows can be limited.

On the other hand, a smartphone ensures loads of it through the huge number of mobile apps. While there are millions of apps available on the Google Play Store, each app offers something unique and different. And going by our preferences, each of us would like to have our own set of apps. Hence, it makes all the more logical for everyone in the family to have their own device, which in turn contributes to the ever-growing mobile-driven web traffic.