How Smartphone technology is evolving with customer needs?

Smartphone TechnologySmartphones today are used for everything from staying updated with family and friends on social media sites to controlling smart homes and appliances at the touch of a button. What started as a wireless replacement for fixed line telephones has come a long way. Smartphones have earned the enviable reputation of being at the center of our digital universe and things are only getting started.

It centers around the screen

Screens are getting bigger, brighter and better. Today 5 inch screens are the new norm and people just can’t get enough of it. The screen resolution is getting sharper thanks to people’s penchant for watching high definition videos on their phones. Resolution levels that were once reserved for high-end television sets are today becoming a norm for the new age smartphone. We already are seeing phone manufacturers providing 2K (2000 Pixels) screens. Expect 4K screens in the not so distant future. Movie viewing just received a whole lot of patronage right in the palm of your hands.

Bigger RAMs that are fully loaded

The smartphones of today are more capable than even the most powerful personal computers a decade ago. That is how fast technology is evolving. More apps are being downloaded on to your smartphone be it the next gaming sensation or the much needed number crunching software for business needs. Whatever be the spur, it only makes sense if the smartphone RAM can cooperate. So 3GB and 4GB RAMs are the latest offerings from phone manufacturers to cater to the insatiable appetite for digital rich media experience and the need for memory-hungry apps in their many avatars.

Super powerful batteries

Your smartphone is as good as the battery that powers it. Gone are the days when innovation in the battery technology was hard to come by. Like they used to say in the good old days that it is much easier to shrink the rules of physics than shrink the rules of chemistry. Well, those days are behind us. Today we have long-lasting batteries with 3,000mAh capacity that can power your device like nobody’s business. Also the latest innovation in the field of chemistry lets you charge the batteries faster so that your phone can go wherever you want to go.

Cameras to capture the perfect picture

Today’s smartphones carry a camera that can be used to record high definition videos and super clarity pictures with commensurate ease. The best part is that you don’t have to be a professional to use these cameras. Auto focus, face recognition, phase detection autofocus, low light setting, smile recognition are some of the droolworthy features packed into the current generation of phones. There are already cameras with upwards of 20 megapixels resolution to capture the perfect shot while at a groovy party or at a great outdoor adventure.