How Smartphone Replaces Daily Tasks And Saves Money?

How Smartphone Replaces Daily Tasks And Saves Money?

Gone are the days when your mobile phone was expected to do just calling and the occasional texting. Today it can do everything from helping your get directions while travelling to staying in touch with your family and friends through social networking sites. So it would be a good idea to know what tasks that your smartphone has conveniently replaced in a cost-effective manner.

Entertainment-related gadgets

These could be your televisions, music systems, gaming consoles and so on. The kind of picture clarity, voice quality and screen size that your smartphone carries it is no wonder that it is fast becoming the one-stop shop for all your entertainment related needs. You could easily watch a high definition YouTube video or listen to a downloaded song or play the latest multiuser game all on your smartphone. Also watching TV shows on your smartphone is a distinct reality thanks to broadcasters airing their programs simultaneously on the internet and available anywhere on smartphone devices.

Your digital wallet

Today your smartphone is capable enough to function as a well-stocked wallet without a hitch. You can seamlessly transfer money from one account to another, pay using the various payment apps that tech giants like Google and Apple have developed. Use the network capabilities of your phone to do payments using Near Field Communication (NFC). It is also possible to facilitate financial transactions at the Point of Sale (POS) in various supermarkets and commercial establishments all thanks to the smartphone technology.

A universal remote control

It is the age of ‘one remote to rule them all’. You don’t need to have different remotes for your television, AC, music system, and other electronic gadgets. More often than not, having multiple remotes created a lot of confusion and frustration regarding which remote goes with which device. Your smartphone conveniently solves that problem. With the latest advent of technology and the rise of app ecosystem, it is possible to control all your devices and applications using one central remote which is your smartphone. It is also possible to unlock your car, your smart home and anything else that you fancy to control with a remote.

Card reader and code scanner

Remember the good old days when you had to get the business card and manually have to enter the phone number and address into your phonebook. Now with the latest in smartphone technology it is possible to read your business cards and get all the information and store it within your smartphone device. Likewise, it is possible to scan the barcodes and QR codes in order to gain vital information regarding any product, service and such other things. All this facilitates the process of information gathering and makes life simpler.

GPS and gadgets for health and fitness

You no longer need to ask for directions when travelling even to unknown destinations thanks to the GPS capabilities of the smartphone which can give you a turn-by-turn instruction from the origin of your journey to the final destination.

Health and fitness gets a major boost thanks to apps that can help you to lead an active life. You can monitor your workouts, get instructions on how many calories to burn and get a report on how good your exercise regiment has been. All this removes the need to buy additional gadgets to manage your fitness. All you need is a smartphone along with wearables that can monitor your physical condition in order to help you in your quest to lead a healthy lifestyle.