How smartphone has impacted the consumer behavior

Customer Behaviour

Most of us today prefer to use our smartphones for online shopping. Be it ordering groceries for the daily need, or booking a cab to the office or elsewhere, we’ve now turned accustomed to using the smartphone rather than a laptop or a desktop.

One of the primary reasons is that a dedicated mobile app from an e-seller is much more convenient to use as swiping across the smartphone screen is much simpler. Also, the mobile app offers the added advantage of utilizing features such as GPS, camera, contact list, etc., which are specific to the smartphone.

Moreover, the personalized experience offered through the mobile app has also made the relationship between the brand and the consumers stronger than ever. Looking at the current scenario, it can be safe to say that smartphones have impacted the buying behavior of the consumers in many ways. Discussed below are few of them.

Swift & Agile

Apart from the smartphone, there are various other platforms through which brands can reach the consumers. However, it’s the smartphones that offer the ideal window to make a successful sale in the least possible time.

It’s a known fact that the attention span of consumers has been shrinking over the years. It only takes them few seconds to survey the homepage of a website, and if they do not find the type of content they’re looking for, they’re more likely to move on to the competitor’s site.

Smartphones are ideally suited to cater to this type of immediacy. Using your phone, you can access all types of information in a matter of mere seconds. For this reason, brands are using the mobile platform to market their products and prompt the consumers to make instant purchase decisions, and it can all happen on the smartphone.

Safe & Secure

Some of the latest smartphones have security features such as fingerprint recognition and iris scanners, which have increased the safety-factor of the smartphone by several notches. These features are have made the smartphone much more secure from external threats, which allows users to use their phones to perform monetary transactions without hesitation.

Also, the much-improved anti-virus applications for mobile platform have made the smartphone much more reliable to store private and confidential data such as bank details and personal identification. So, when you have you have your credit/debit card details stored on the phone, it makes it much easy to use it to make online purchases. Also, the scan-to-pay option provided by various payment apps that use the scanning feature of the phone, make it quite easy to shop even at local retail outlets.


As the smartphone continues to evolve, the device is getting much quicker and powerful. Thus, you can now use it to perform multiple tasks simultaneously. For instance, you can go about making a make a mobile payment while you are talking to a friend and chatting with another, all at the same time. Consequently, multi-tasking is one of the many reasons that have made the smartphones an instant hit with the consumers across the globe.

The smartphone has enabled the brands to connect seamlessly with individual consumers and deliver an experience that adds value to their daily life. Thus, the smartphone has been able to eliminate the boundaries that existed between consumers and companies, enabling them to connect with each other seamlessly, and changing the consumer-behavior forever.