How Smartphone has become essential for business

Smartphone increase business

Be it a small business or an established enterprise, relying on smartphones for day-to-day activity has become a necessity for all. As business is about connectivity, companies can encourage their employees to stay connected and collaborate with each other through their smartphones. Moreover, being empowered with smartphones can also improve their efficiency, which in turn would be beneficial for the organization. Here are some of the ways in which smartphones have impacted the businesses.

Remote Connectivity

Business personnel can remain connected to their workplace from almost anywhere as they can get instant access to work-related files and emails using their smartphones. New Apps such as DropBox, Google Drive and Office 365 with cutting-edge features can allow real-time collaboration as it’s super easy to share files and docs from anywhere using the smartphone.

Employees can also converse with their team members using instant messaging apps and also be a part of group discussions and virtual conference through video-calls. Apps such as Skype, GoToMeeting, and WhatsApp (Business Version) have novel features to facilitate business communication as they operate on advanced technologies.

Moreover, business personnel can also their smartphones to access the latest information such as inventory in the warehouse or new client-details while on the move through using advanced mobile-based solutions like CRM. Few can also update the information on the central-database from their smartphones depending upon their user-account privileges.

Planning & Scheduling

It’s important for all to attend a business meeting at the right time. By using scheduling apps, businessmen can keep a track of their daily tasks to ensure they are always on time for such meetings. Moreover, Virtual assistant apps can also help in keeping track of important dates, apart from setting weekly, daily and even hourly reminders. By using these apps, professionals can coordinate with their colleagues or clients to schedule meetings at mutually convenient timings and location.

Smartphones can also be used to send out a virtual invitation for important conferences and seminars that include the embedded map of the location, which makes it much easier for the invitees to track the venue. Staff members can also use their phones to send project-updates to each other and can also decide upon the schedule of the newer tasks through specialized apps.

Promotional Activities

Using Social Media apps to promote your business is one of the ideal methods to promote your business. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are some of the many popular Social apps that are used by enterprises to keep their target audience engaged and promote their brand.

Promotional SMSes are still one of the effective mechanisms to inform the consumers about new offers and discounts. A timely tweet on a limited period discount running at a local store can be highly useful in attracting the customers and endorsing the latest offerings.

Online Trading and Sales

Most of the e-commerce business is now done through dedicated apps. Even though mobile and desktop websites exist, most users prefer to shop using apps on their smartphones. Businesses also recognize the advantage of the apps and encourage the consumers to install their app, which offers much more personalized experience.

Today, traders and investors can access the stock markets through their smartphones. Specialized trading apps from reputed brokerage firms now allow them to do business from the comfort of their homes.

These are some of the ways in which smartphones prove their worth as a crucial tool that has now become necessary for business.