How Smartphone Can Be a Lifesaver

How Smartphone Can Be a Lifesaver

A phone is one of the devices that can be of real help in an emergency situation. Be it calling an ambulance or fire-brigade, or any of your friends to your rescue, dialing a number is all it takes. However, Smartphones have taken this lifesaving feature to a whole new level. They are now capable of predicting a heart-attack and can also help you drive safer! Amazing as it sounds, here are many more ways a Smartphone can be a lifesaver:

It keeps your heart healthy

Think of a smartphone case that can capture your ECG patterns through your fingers, and then use it to predict if you’re at risk of a cardiac stroke! Well, an innovative Smartphone does just that. Using an algorithm, it can caution you of an impending stroke even before you observe any symptoms!
When a Smartphone helps you take the ECG of your heart, you can analyze its health regularly. With this, you can always keep your heart healthy.

Source: Fastcodesign

Safer Driving

A Smartphone app introduced by a leading car-maker enables to track the driver’s location in real-time. In case of an emergency, the location details can be sent to the desired people. Also features like impact alerts, suggestions on how to improve your driving by analyzing your trips, etc., can be a lifesaver for both the drivers and passengers.

Source: HondaConnect

Finding help

Another Smartphone app can now ‘crowdsource’ help for people suffering sudden heart-attack in public. It is integrated with 911 procedures of participating cities in the country. About 1,100 cities across the nation are already participating in the program. This ensures that affected patients do not have to wait for specialized medical workers to help them. Using your Smartphone’s geolocation service, the app directs people capable of delivering help to the patient’s location. Once found, it also helps them to locate an automated external defibrillator (AED) in the vicinity. This device is used to deliver electric-shocks that can restore the rhythm of the patient’s heart.

Source: CleavelandClinic

Navigation & SOS

People fond of trekking can now venture out in unknown location, as long as they have their Smartphones in their pocket. The magnetic compass in the phone not just helps in navigating but also can send SOS messages in case of emergency. One can also make emergency calls as long the signal strength permits.

These are some of the various novel ways a Smartphone can act as the lifesaver. This is by no means a comprehensive list; and as the technology keeps advancing, there could be many more ways a Smartphone could serve as our rescuer in the future.