How photography with phone has evolved over the years


Gone are the days when cameras on smartphones did not matter. The users were be satisfied with a 1-2MP camera or a VGA camera. However, the cameras in today’s phones have progressively evolved. Some of latest phones have cameras that could easily compete with the high-end or point-and-shoot cameras. The dual-lens camera phones have become a huge fad, and manufactures continue to make new progress as the demand continues to rise.

The main constraint is to keep the weight and thickness to minimum. One of the ways to improve the quality of the images in these limitations is to use the dual-lens camera. Check out the amazing facts about the evolution of camera in smartphones, especially if you’re looking to buy one.

Auto-Simulation with binocular vision

When you focus on things at a distance with one of your eyes shut, before you open the other eye, you will notice that your field of view has suddenly increased. This is one of the amazing features of dual camera, which helps to maximize both the focus and zoom with auto-simulation. The result is an image with realistic colors and much better details. This enables you to click pictures at wider angles while increasing the quality and precision.

Dual-Camera in the front

The latest smartphones come with dual-cameras even in the front. Many well-known brands have launched a model with higher precision range. The newest feature allows the aperture to be adjusted as per the user’s preference, which allows users to capture the depth-of-field in a better way.

Side-by-side cameras

The latest smartphones have multiple cameras and can even be side by side. The arrangement does not matter, and the phone with the two cameras placed horizontally, can give better results while clicking pictures in landscape mode. By rotating the phone to click in portrait mode, the arrangement of the cameras turns vertical. However, the quality of the image stays intact.

The dual-camera phones with multiple sensors and lenses have revolutionized the quality of the visuals, and are here to stay.