How modern smartphones have solved 7 problems without you knowing


In this era of technological advancement everyone around seems to be glued to their phones be it parties, restaurants or even washrooms. All of us our obsessed with our phones. But with time everything about smartphone has improved, from camera quality to battery life. There are also a few problems that we faced earlier while using our smartphones. These have most likely been solved without any of us even realizing. Here are a few problems that have been solved over the years:

Ram and storage

The Ram and the storage in phone in the earlier days was low, making the phones slower as time went by. With the advancement in technology phones increased their RAM and storage capacity both making the user experience smooth throughout.

Transferring Data and contacts

Switching phones was a task earlier as all the data had to transfer manually from one phone to another via SIM card or memory cards. Nowadays, it is easier to just sync in all the data in your google account and access it on any device that you login to.

OLED Screens

OLED screens gave a poor and disappointing viewing experience. It was difficult to view screens in sunlight whereas mobile screens today offer a great viewing experience. Over the years the price of the smartphones with OLED screens have also dropped making it easier for people to access them.

Camera Zoom

Smartphones nowadays come with high end camera that enables the customer to zoom without blurring the image unlike the phone cameras a few years back that couldn’t be used to zoom in a lot.

Expandable storage

The storage in the phone earlier was limited up to a certain extend. But now phones have a larger storage capacity as well as an expandable storage. The google cloud can also be used for expanding your phone storage along with expandable SD cards.

HDR photography

The cameras and photographs in the earlier phones were not that clear and good but with new smartphones HDR cameras combine various frame and adjust exposures helping people take better shots.


New phones come with even better security. Apart from the usual pin and pattern lock that was present in the phones earlier, phones nowadays have biometric locks like finger print lock and face lock to keep all the data secure.

These are a few early problems that we used to face in phones in the earlier days but these problems have now been solved without us even realizing. Technology is advancing with each passing day.

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