How Mobile VOIP Benefits Smartphone Users

How Mobile VOIP Benefits Smartphone Users

VoIP is a technical name given to the simple concept of using the phone service over the Internet. The acronym stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. Unlike the common process of using the phone through a telephone service provider, this technology enables transferring voice in the digital format through the Internet. There are numerous benefits of VoIP; however, the chief advantage is the minimal cost. This is because using the technology, one can make a call from one personal computer (PC) located at a place to another PC located at any other place in the world, and that too for free. One can also make a call from PC to phone. Though this might not be free, it would be still cost much lesser than the normal call made using the regular phone service that usually has very high international calling-rates.

Moreover, these benefits get maximized when you utilize the technology over your Smartphone. Discussed below are some of the vital benefits of using mobile VoIP.

Seamless Connectivity

When you mention your cellular phone or desk-phone/landline number on the business cards, people would ideally call you on those numbers first. However, if you are traveling overseas then people who don’t about it can still try to reach you. This simply means you might have to bear the exorbitant cost of incoming calls levied as per international call-rates by your phone service provider. On the contrary, if you setup VoIP calls through a Web interface, then you do not have to spend much, wherever you go. This is because the service connects them to you through cheap long-distance circuits that are routed through the Internet. Also, people can reach you through either a phone or PC or whichever device they wish to.

Unified Communication

Using the VoIP, people can gain access to their corporate system through their Smartphone. This goes beyond sharing calls between mobile and desk phones. Through UC (unified communications) you can use all or most of the business phone systems’ features and functions via your Smartphone. For instance, you can detect users’ availability and presence, while also accessing the corporate directory information. By easily finding whom you wish to call will save you much time. Moreover, if your colleagues are away from their desks, you can IM (instant message) them. In addition to this, you can even access the voice mail through your mobile email. All you need is to download the client software on your Smartphone, and to configure this, you might have to check for its compatibility with your phone.

Additional Benefits

VoIP apps, which usually incorporate the extensions of hosted solutions, let you avoid the limitations on roaming and call-minutes. Also, the technology offers several features that are yet to be made available on standard phone plans.

If users feel that the technology consumes their data and bandwidth, the good news is that Wi-Fi is easily available at most places these days. With mobile data getting faster and data plans getting cheaper, the technology can be easily put to maximum use by all smartphone users.

People using VoIP might sometimes complain about disturbance due poor reception or connectivity. But with the ever improving hardware quality of devices, users today can experience a voice quality that is much better and crispier. As Smartphone devices come up with newer features that are not yet available with standard VoIP systems, by coupling both together, users can enjoy a range of useful resources that can maximize their efficiency.