The internet emerged from its dial-up roots a long time ago. But thanks to the explosion of content on the internet we just can’t get enough internet speed to enjoy all the high definition videos and massively multi-player online games. That coupled with the incessant proliferation of smartphones, the world is hungry for high-speed mobile internet than ever before.

Enter LTE or Long Term Evolution which is the answer to all your high speed internet quests. In layman’s terms it is just a faster mobile internet network. We have gradually seen the evolution of mobile internet networks from 2G to 3G and then finally 4G. Today most mobile internet service providers provide LTE with 4G services.

LTE is a technical name given by the Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UTMS) for the networks of the future with special emphasis on the speed of both data downloads and uploads. It is what the fiduciary group of UTMS which is 3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Project) considers as the logical way forward. LTE offers huge improvements over the previous legacy networks that it took over from. It is hugely advantageous to both the service providers and the users. High-speed networks with low latencies even over very large distances are distinctive hallmarks of LTE.

One way that LTE makes your networks faster is by having separate interfaces for downloads and uploads. This way not just downloads but also uploads are at higher speeds.

Some of the advantages of LTE technology for the end user are:

Today it is the age of apps and we can find apps of all kinds around. What LTE will do is make your app experience on your phone truly amazing. Since apps are installed and stored within your phone there is a lot of data that is being exchanged between your phone and the app server. We all are familiar with how uncomfortable it gets when you have multiple apps running on our smartphones. At times our phone virtually comes to a standstill.

LTE with its forward-looking technology ensures that you can conveniently play your favorite game within your gaming app while you are downloading a video via another app and concurrently some news apps or social networking apps are running in the background. All these apps can smoothly go about their businesses without any network speed hitch.

One more revolutionary benefit of LTE is that it converts your calls into digital data and transmits it over the network. This is called Voice over LTE (VoLTE). It will undoubtedly improve your call quality and enhance your communication sessions. VoLTE can dynamically shift the bandwidth between various callers and give you the best network service and quality at all times.

Here are a few pointers on LTE superiority:

  • Data exchanged is achieved at a much faster rate
  • A higher number of users can hook up to the same frequency
  • Data latency is drastically reduced
  • VoIP implementation augments the phone’s ability
  • An all-around improved user experience is the upshot

So the day might not be far when LTE will be the preferred choice of a network of the populace over the wildly popular home or office broadband Internet network!